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  1. both links you supplied are down so i cant comment on what i cant see. But on face value I agree with pb1uk I have used this method in ihe past.
  2. Checked it on a laptop im working on running IE 7 looks good to me?
  3. Hi been there done that: susie is correct,I was just given there account information and after I set it up I recomended they change there password.
  4. Hi First off I can see you are very creative and it is your first design. and I assume you are looking for honest feedback which you will get here cause we are here to help and you asked. here is a snapshot of how it looks in internet explorer 8, firefox and chrome: http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b56/coollew/ScreenShot003.jpg the menu is not the right size to acomadate the number of links. I have fairly good eyesight and cannot read it hardly at all. the total size of all the images is 300kb pretty large for my taste. it does not resize well at all even gets worse. It does not validate. I would have named the front page of my document index.html. and put the images in another folder but thats just me. ps.dont let any of this discourage you there is some more to learn you will do fine.
  5. Here is a screenshot : http://i17.photobuck...reenShot004.jpg looks the same for me in IE 8 -chrome and firefox. takes forever to load the 1527x88-63.1kb background image for the menu (mabey the cause of the horazontial scrolling) I do like the Board:)
  6. If you float your <h1> left in this case it should respond to your margin commands and you could move it where you wish.
  7. I dont know if mark was helped But it proved most usefull to me Thanks for the share.
  8. coollew


    Just wondering will the domain go up for sale?
  9. coollew


    I was told it was no longer being maintained.
  10. One of the first things I noticed no it does not work for me in IE 8 title does but it still should be used.
  11. Hi Harmony no I have not yet what do you mean blogger template? Im sure I can make an xhtml css template with that theme. thank you for your kind words.
  12. I do regret my first post a bit harsh I apologise.So I did visit your site and being the old muscle-car gear head I am I must say I like it! even if it does look a bit like an old school gaming site.I do not like the horizontal scrolling nobody does I think 960px would be a better choice. Good luck!
  13. Sorry but after reading (The malware issues were from the host's server) I dont think anyone is going to visit that link I wont sorry.
  14. give this a shot it is from a resource page written by one of our members. very cool!
  15. Ive been told I'm quite the chatter-box. If that ever happened to me I'm sure my friends would consider it a vacation of sorts. Glad to hear you're better.
  16. Well I for one want to know how to make homemade oatmeal dark chocolate chips cookies!
  17. I tested it at work on IE 7 it worked but the slideshow has a little mini version of itself at the bottom of the left column not so in IE8? PS: what a small world I live in the Quad cities.
  18. First off I would definitely contact the company,s owner And fully explain your situation for verification. you have second and third parties involved here (never good). If possible A face to face meeting is always best. 2. In my experience a redesign most always means starting over.you're the designer and know what's best and this needs to be conveyed to the person writing the check. Good luck!
  19. Hi everyone: I have used this feature a few times and I must say it is very user friendly and fast. A very Cool thing.
  20. traveler or you can log in go to downloads-webtemplates-traveler. hope it proves usefull.
  21. @jemsrocker Yes i have uploaded one with that theme in the downloads section hope it is usefull.
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