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  1. I have been working on converting an .asp script connected to a webform I inherited to PHP. I think I have done it, but am confused by these lines in the old .asp script: <% ON Error resume next set email=Server.CreateObject("JMail.Message") How would these translate in PHP? Are they necessary? I hve copied them at the top of the PHP script below (lines 2 and 3). <? ON Error resume next set email=Server.CreateObject("JMail.Message")[/color] $email->Logging=true; $email->From="edudevfacmedcourses@imperial.ac.uk"; $email->FromName="On-Line Booking"; $e
  2. Apologies - my previous question was rubbish and not clear (even to me)! Is it possible to use two server-side .asp scripts in the same webform and use an if statement in the form to send form submissions via one of the two scripts based on choices from a drop-down menu? Basically I have a drop-down list of course choices in a web form. If I select course A from the drop-down list, I want the completed form submission to be sent via .asp script number 1. If I select course B, I want the completed course submission to be sent via .asp script number 2 and so on for different course choic
  3. I am a JavaScript beginner and am teaching myself - slowly. I have managed to create two web forms that each when submitted post an .asp form that is in turn emailed to one of two email addresses (I inherited these so didn't create them originally but I have been modifying them). There are two such web forms. When submitted, one posts one .asp form to one email address and the other to another address. What I want to do is only have one web form instead of two and when particular choices from a drop-down list are chosen, that will post one of two .asp forms to the correct address.
  4. Is this done with javascript and Flash, i.e. moving things around the screen with the mouse on a webpage? http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/dw/funandgames/d11s02e01_jigsaw_01?category=jigsaws On a similar theme, how is this drawing with the mouse done on a webpage?
  5. AWESOME! That did the trick. Many thanks! I see now how it can be done from your post. Excellent!
  6. Hello All, Could you possibly take a look at the attached code for me? I have made a number of fields 'required fields' so that if they are not filled in, a message pops up on the webform saying they have to be completed...until all required fields are filled, after which the form can be submitted. I have included 'First Name' and 'Surname' in the 'value' list of required fields. However, if I leave them blank on the form and fill in everything else, the form can still be submitted and there is no prompt saying that those two are required, even though there should be. What am I do
  7. I have created a small header image in Photoshop. It consists of a background with a number of layers using blue and grey (the grey is RGB: 202, 202, 202). I placed the image in InDesign and then converted to press quality PDF for printing. In InDesign I have also created a number of shapes (rectangles with rounded corners) which I have made the same grey colour (202, 202, 202). On the screen everything looks the same grey, however, when I convert to a PDF and print, the grey in the image I placed from Photoshop looks a completely different grey colour to the rectangle shapes I created in InDe
  8. I send out regular e-newsletters. Obviously I had to revert to tables to send via Outlook 2007 because of Microsoft's leap back to the dark ages! Here is the web version of one I sent out today: http://www.imperial.ac.uk/edudev/newsletters/FacMed_prog_2010-11.html I basically create the webpage in Dreamweaver using tables so the formatting doesn't go awry, view it in the browser and click file > send page by email. This 'embeds' the page in the email and I also include a link to the webpage in case Outlook throws a wobbly! Could Outlook cope with fancier e-newsletters this way? E
  9. markwill2112


    I hope so then I can stop using tables!
  10. markwill2112


    Excellent resources! Thanks so much. Yes, sadly I had to revert to using tables for my e-newsletters that I send in Outlook!
  11. markwill2112


    I added the following to a style sheet I am working on: img.floatLeft { float: left; margin: 4px; } img.floatRight { float: right; margin: 4px; } I then added e.g. <img src="image.jpg" class="floatLeft"> <p>Text...</p> to the body of the css to wrap text around an image. It worked fine and looked great in the browser. However, when I embedded the code in Outlook to send as an email as I do regularly with my CSS e-newsletters the 'floating' images formatting went awry. Is this an overflow:auto issue, i.e if I add this to my stylesheet w
  12. I'd never heard of suckerfish. Dropdown is what I know, but I think of that more of an 'old-fashioned' type, but I gues yes it is the same things just a modern spin on it. I was just thinking whether they had a name for when it appears 'out of thin air' so to speak in this 'up-to-date- way.
  13. All - worked like a dream by the way. It is great to understand why instead of just getting someone to do the code for me. I have now created some new pages using the autoflow auto and know whay I am doing it and how it works - pefect! Thanks for the help!
  14. Quick question: what is this type of menu referred to as - when you hover over a link and another menu with links appears? I am working on one and am looking for some code ideas to develop further what I have created to date. This is an example of the kind of menu I am referring to: http://www.pielframa.com/menu_smartphone_cases.htm
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