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  1. My issue is laid out here. The top and bottom of this picture frame box are images in the html. The center is a repeating background image that expands with the text. It looks okay in Firefox, but there is a space between these boxes in IE. Thoughts appreciated!
  2. Hello there, I have designed a site, My link. If you have Internet Explorer 7 installed natively on your machine, please take a look at the home page and tell me if the slideshow works. Here's why I ask: I have a virtual computer, IE 7 with XP, installed on my computer. The whole index page looks correct but the slideshow is just a blank box. I also use IETester. According to that version of IE 7, the slideshow does work. So I'm really confused! Thanks in advance!
  3. Virtual, thanks again for your help with this. I hope I can get to your level someday! I took the new things you suggested and added some to it to create something I'm really happy with. This means I now have 4 URLs. Sorry everyone. But I'll leave them up for a while for people to look at. THE URLs: -- My original submission: http://tiny.cc/nkzFM -- Virtual's 1st changes: (the same URL) http://tinyurl.com/yzr3wxp -- Virtual's 2nd changes: http://tiny.cc/kZ8re -- My latest version, which I'm very happy with: http://tiny.cc/vbw71 What I like about Virtual's 2nd changes: Placing
  4. Thanks, virtual, for the help. Now I have something to work with, but am still wondering how to get the box like I envisioned. To make this easier, you will now link to the original page at the same place. But here's another link to click to get to a page with the changes "Virtual" submitted: http://tinyurl.com/yzr3wxp Here are some remaining issues: * When I switch the "About Us" text from H3 to H1, the box breaks. Actually, H2 works fine too so I could stick with that. But why is that happening when there is a very large "paperbottom" image to work with? *** How in the world c
  5. Hello again. I hoped I wouldn't have to write again so soon, but ah, well. My site is at http://tiny.cc/vbw71. The problem I'm having is with the navigation blocks on the left. I am trying to adapt Dan Cederholm's "indestructible boxes" method as described in "Bulletproof Web Design" to accommodate transparent top and bottom edges. What I wanted to happen: I have an image of a torn piece of paper. I want to put all the nav text ("About me: Click here to find out about me", etc.) inside the paper. The box/torn paper should expand and contract based on how much text I have in there.
  6. Wow, I'm really impressed. I stuck with the z-index method because that makes the most sense to me right now, but will study the "normal image" strategy too. I'm so grateful for your help, Wickham. Happy holidays!
  7. Okay, I updated those issues on the page (making the z-index plain old "55") and the problem still stands. Any other ideas?
  8. The site I am building is at http://tiny.cc/vbw71. My problem: The text box is covering up the bottom of the flower image. There are two header images: headerA which is the real header, and header B, which is the problem. Header B contains the bottom of the flower image and actually some of it is showing. It is a background image on the div called "forHeaderB" that I made just for that reason. More specifically: If I put a bunch of s in the code between "forHeaderB" and the text box, the rest of the image shows. So I figure its back there somewhere. I tried to set the Z-index o
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