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  1. Somebody suggested that I should take embed out and after that the Validator didnt show any errors - thanks for your replies. You're cool.
  2. Does that mean that the Validator will always show errors - there is no other way without errors - that realy sounds weird.
  3. Hi up to now I didnt bother about how many errors I get thru w3 Validator but I want to change that. This is how I used to embed a flash file <object data="mytime3.swf" width="418" height="220" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="movie" value="mytime3.swf"> <param name="quality" value="best"> <param name="bgcolor" value="#666666"> <embed src="mytime3.swf" width="418" height="220"> </embed> </object> But Im getting all the errors one can think of from the Validator Any help
  4. Webgirl

    url not showing

    Thanks both of you - at least I know now that the reason I dont see it is my Cache - at least thats what I think and that really frustrated me.
  5. Webgirl

    url not showing

    hey Falken I can see that u use Photoshop and all those Graphic Programs - is it possible to make me a screenshot of this homepage with the url showing. Thanks for your help.
  6. Webgirl

    url not showing

    Hi Falken - thanks funny thing I cant see it dont know whether it lies on my browser cache though I re-started my computer - no I dont want the link to show but I want an url to show for one cant click on the link anyway on the print version - but how come I cant see it. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Webgirl

    url not showing

    Im talking about the footer on the page where the div#footer #url is declared on the print.css and the copyright notice- Footer on the page not the browser - on the media=screen attribute its not supposed to show thus why I declared: diplay: none on the media screen attribute.
  8. Webgirl

    url not showing

    Hi I have created a page and I would like the url of the print version to show on the footer - apparently Im doing something wrong but I dont know what - Any help? Here is the link Thank you Webgirl
  9. Wow thanks - I was secretly hoping you would say that for I've bought the book on Wordpress already then in this case Im gonna start with Wordpress on the 10th of May thanks guys. Im so grateful.
  10. which one is easier to learn Joomla or Wordpress? I know its a silly question but I thought I would ask since I intend to take an online course on one of them. thanks in advance.
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