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An accessibility checklist?


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I scanned through the accessibility archives, but didn't really see what I'm looking for. If I missed it, could someone point me to the right place? Anyway, I am looking for a checklist of basics that I should include in a site that needs to be accessible. I'm working on a site for a UK charity organization and it's a requirement of theirs. I know I could do some reading and research, but that will take a bit and I'm really pressed for time. So, is there a checklist floating around out there that you guys know about? :cool:

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Hi everyone :)


I am currently making some notes for myself, mostly because of LSW's recent downbeat comments about the state (or lack) of accessibility around the web, still.


Fortunately, I have come across a rather helpful article (from one of my favourite websites) entitled, 'How to Author a Super Accessible Website'. Trouble is, I know next to nothing about this area (or any other area, really), and want to incorporate a mix of LSW's and whomever's useful contributions into that (typed out) mix, so that I can better understand this area.


So far, I've only got to the 'Perceivable' guideline 1.1 stage of 'Text Alternatives', and though I might have only incorporated the thoughts of LSW and what his understandings of what the 'Alt' tag should mean, I know that at this point it barely touches the tip of an iceberg.


Lately, I have found a better way, myself, in which to work through things, and that is to do a little bit every so often. And so, that is why I will not be learning all there is to learn about web accessibility in one sitting. Also, I am trying to work my way back into all this web page building activity. It's going to be a long, slow and thorough process, mostly because the way I learned how to build web pages in the past was to dip in and out of every available markup / code that would quickly help me to incorporate whatever piece of meaningful, and or, dynamic feature a website might best employ. But, that is not the way to learn. Hence, I am re-learning yet again, but this time trying to understand things in the way they work, so that I can ultimately become a better web page builder.


Anyway, enough of that. When I have finished one part of some of my understandings into this area I will (hopefully) perhaps, post it on this very thread, maybe?

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