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  1. jlhaslip

    Storing filename in php

    You may need to parse the results. Use this as a hidden form value on the form and it will remember the referring page
  2. jlhaslip

    Same Hex, Different Look

    Any chance that you are seeing a 'cached' page?
  3. jlhaslip

    Uploading large MYSQL databases to PHPmyAdmin

    Try uploading a single Table at a time and add the indexing afterwards.
  4. jlhaslip

    The Olympics

    Must be a gorgeous place to live. And that comment is coming from the middle of the Rockie Mountains...
  5. jlhaslip


    do a view page source on this link: http://jlhaslip.com/samples/image_display/image_display_single.html
  6. jlhaslip

    CSS Positioning

    I rarely use position absolute or relative. Generally use floats, margin and padding.
  7. jlhaslip

    tag question... what's the diff' between the two?

    what does the validator say? http://validator.w3.org/
  8. jlhaslip

    How to alternate images and align text

    http://jlhaslip.com/samples/image_display/index.html like that?
  9. jlhaslip

    website file size question...

  10. jlhaslip

    i'd like to shoot myself

    alt="this is the alternate text" title="this is the title text"
  11. jlhaslip

    Here Document

  12. jlhaslip

    Need Form Testers, please.

    me too...
  13. what does the error message say, exactly? Is it a wordpress error or a php header error?
  14. jlhaslip

    PHP Script / HTML form and Javascript

    better post the form code and include the js info
  15. jlhaslip

    Changing the homepage

    rename the new file to index.html, clear your browser cache and seek the homepage again.