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  1. You may need to parse the results. Use this as a hidden form value on the form and it will remember the referring page
  2. Any chance that you are seeing a 'cached' page?
  3. Try uploading a single Table at a time and add the indexing afterwards.
  4. jlhaslip

    The Olympics

    Must be a gorgeous place to live. And that comment is coming from the middle of the Rockie Mountains...
  5. jlhaslip


    do a view page source on this link: http://jlhaslip.com/samples/image_display/image_display_single.html
  6. jlhaslip

    CSS Positioning

    I rarely use position absolute or relative. Generally use floats, margin and padding.
  7. http://jlhaslip.com/samples/image_display/index.html like that?
  8. http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/
  9. alt="this is the alternate text" title="this is the title text"
  10. jlhaslip

    Here Document

  11. what does the error message say, exactly? Is it a wordpress error or a php header error?
  12. better post the form code and include the js info
  13. rename the new file to index.html, clear your browser cache and seek the homepage again.
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