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  1. I was trying to find out where the actual problem was and I found very strange reason. If I try to add space before closing here document identifier END; parse error happens. Otherwise the code runs well. I did not find any explanation for that as PHP supports any no space to be included.
  2. Actually I was using EasyPHP 3.o package where the parsing problem occurred. I tried to run same code on Wamp Server and it runs. Thanks to all of you for taking time for me. Thanks a lot:D
  3. <?php $name = "Joe Smith"; $occupation = "Programmer"; echo << This is a heredoc section. For more information talk to $name, your local $occupation. Thanks! EOF; $toprint = << Hey $name! You can actually assign the heredoc section to a variable! EOF; echo strtolower($toprint); ?>
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    Here Document

    Hi, can anyone please give me complete working code for here document in PHP? Please do not give extracts of the example like <?php echo << Hi, I want an example of php here document. Not the extracts of php code, rather complete code. I mean starting with and ending with . Please put code only if you were able to interpret/ compile the code succussfully. END; ?> If you could provide the solution, I am thankful to you. Otherwise too thankful.... Just kidding
  5. Thanks a lot Sir. Could you please which other supporting skills should I have? Someone suggested me PHP, MySQL, CSS, Java Script, Ajax will be good combination. SEO
  6. I am a professional from an SEO company. Presently I am concerned with Search Engine optimization. However in near future I may switch over to web development. In my company PHP and .NET are used for this purpose. I am unable to decide which platform to choose as I am not familiar with any of these. I am Sun certified in Java 6. But it is out of market now and has switched its domain to mobile programming. Can you please tell me the pros and cons and future of these languages? Which one has better scope in future?
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