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  1. I don't really want to use a plug in for jquery menu i kinda like pulling out my hair and going crazy... so at the moment im doing just that. Im get this thing to work but for the life of me - its going that way. I just want the second level (i guess .children) to show when hovering over the parent in the top level. I've usually spend hrs/ searching the web for tutorials and read as much as i can before posting but jquery isn't my realm. Right now, i can see the buttons that allow the hidden pages to be revealed on hover but they are not accesible because they fall behind the te
  2. How many beers do i owe you now? lol Thanks - it worked like a charm. Much appreciated Ben!!
  3. Could it be the query highlighted in red... you think?
  4. Okay, here's the full index.php file. <?php get_header(); ?> <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/featureslider.php'); ?> <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/searchform.php'); ?> <div style="background:none;" class="main-dive-image"></div> <?php get_sidebar(); ?> <div id="main-content" > <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <div class="blogpost"> <?php if (in_category('4')) continue; ?> <div class="thumbnail"> <?ph
  5. /projects/ <--- the page the posts are listed on then when i click "Previous" i get... /projects/page/2/ <-- this is the following url... the older posts don't show. There are a total of 7 posts but the page will only display the same five postings.
  6. Helloo there, question if someone would be of assistance: I'm unable to get my pagenation working in a custom Wordpress theme. I've tried the default theme and pagenation works there, so I know im doing something wrong. What happens is when i click to go back or forward nothing happens. It just stays on the same page, with the same postings. I attempted to deactivate all pluggins.... that didn't seem to help *cause* pagenation worked when the default theme with the plugins activated. Hope I'm not confusing anyone. Cheers. Below is a snippet of the code: <div id="mai
  7. dam, i don't have a link as the site isn't even up. Im just coding it.
  8. Im using @fontface... "Chunk Five" Here's the CSS... h1 a {color:#fff;} h1 a:hover {#900;} I've never ran into this bug but when i hover over the text that is a link.... it changes color but the very.. very... very top part of the text (two/three letters at most) are white as the rest changes color. If i move my mouse down a touch it renders it out fine.. Is it something to do with the way the @fontface could be structured in my css/ font's directory. I took the tool kits off they're site. Thanks
  9. Why oh... why... it was a path issue.... i was missing the / unreal how some things just slip past. Thanks guy's;)
  10. Alright, i've never had this one happen before.... The images in the header on the main/ index display but when i click on a blog post and taken to the single page.php the image links appear broken.... except for background images. Anyone know what might cause this issue? thanks
  11. Its paranoia.... trust me. Im far from even considering myself a web designer. I found http://www.dell.com/ Errors found while checking this document as HTML 4.0 Transitional! = 448 Errors, 71 warning(s) I just wish they could've rounded it off to 450 at least.....
  12. Hey FC... B4 asking you for assistance for the 100th time i thought i'd give it another shot... i found out why... **shaking my head** I used 'relative links' to my images instead of 'absolute links'. I was oblivious to it when i was scanning through the code. -- Duh -- on me. Everything works fine now... I owe you enough cases of beer due to your help
  13. When I set custom links so i don't get the default urls provided by wordpress my Navigation rollovers are gone... just shows the broken image link. So i had to set it back to the default url until i figure it out. Anyone ever have this issue.
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