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  1. It's a shame, really it is, but sometimes forums are just too big and vacuous. :\ Isn't there a way to answer simple questions on a sort of rolling / scrolling message board. It would of course mostly pertain to the video courses and tutorials on this site. Whatever happened to that guy who always helped out with my silly workarounds. Can't even remember his name, now. He was one of the very best. Truly, he was. Those days may be forgotten, but never missed.
  2. Hello there I hope these forums and the peeps in them will help you whenever the need arrives. I'd like to be able to hang around these forums more often, but my day job gets in the way -- so much so that sleep is now my number one past time.
  3. Hm, I think it is a little confusing, especially when there are so many choices to be made. When I originally joined up it was called a university. Now it's this 'Video Tutorial Library'. It's probably better named as a tutorial library anyway, mostly because any mention of studying at a real university may well conjure up visions of more formal training. Or, something like that. Erm, I've been wondering lately about usability issues. I was wondering whether there should be a little more emphasis in this area. I suppose it's silly of me to suggest this, what with my 'definition lists are king', outburst the other day. But I really do see that usability isn't just for the many (presumably) screen reader users out there. Still, even though I'll be subscribing to this worthwhile library for a whole while longer, video training doesn't always nail me into doing something just because I've seen a video of it. I'm also more of a 'dip in and out' sort of reader, who likes to understand some of the more mature things people have and are now writing about, like Dan Cederholm and Andy Budd (who is more likely to avoid the use of any definition lists like the plague). Trouble is, when it comes to matters like PHP, JavaScript or anything else that requires a certain kind of understanding, all that I've said about my reading habits just get blown out the window. PHP video training is a must, though there are a good many authors out there who can hold you by the hand and walk you through the things you need to know. So, I guess what I'm saying is, that it isn't simply horses for courses, but more of what will or won't work. And I guess we've all got to learn what will eventually help us to... er, learn.
  4. Hey Andrea, you've done marvelously well. Everything looks to be working just as it should be, even though I know nothing of HTML 5, let alone that other thing called CSS3. I got nowhere near shadowing your stuff. I'm still wondering whether to just abandon my attempt altogether. I laughingly got stuck trying to create an altogether different sort of flexible sliding corners technique, but every time I applied them to the main content area the bottom right sliding corner would just go out of sync, and so it just kind of sank -- the idea, that is. Anyways, from having lived with it for the few days I was playing around with the FancyTransitions thingys, I'd say it has done exactly what it needed to do.
  5. I've been trying to shadow your work, but with little success. I'm only doing this because I want to find an answer and perhaps rekindle my knowledge. Boy, is that going to take some time. Anyways, I came across an article by Chris Coyier regarding absolute positioned elements within relative positioned ones'. I can't says it grabs me by the throat, as I wouldn't have thought it was all that much of a big deal. Anyways, about that article... Absolute Positioning Inside Relative Positioning
  6. Hi there I've found a couple of possible examples. I'm only marginally interested because I was playing around clearing floats the other day, and the second example looks interesting when wondering if one can merge both ideas. Anyway, about those examples... Vertically and Horizontally Centered Div Cross-browser Vertical & Horizontal Centering
  7. This looks promising, as it will allow others like myself to make the odd comment or two, such as... I've always viewed a file with this path (../) as exiting one directory (or folder) in-order to enter another. Saying things like this really helps peeps to visualise what's going on. I suppose you could even have (../../). Without the parenthesis of course, telling you that a file with this path is having to exit an inner folder and then its outer parent folder, where the last forward slash relates to the entering of yet another directory to which may reside some other media. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm afraid I've been away far too long, and am now realising that what I've got to say might not be so relevant anymore.
  8. ...Ah, so that's why it wasn't working. That old suggestion of mine about putting the scripts in the head tags has been frelling things up. Basically, I copied your markup and the transitions are working as they should be, or as they are on your octopus page. I knew I could do something to help -- me!
  9. Hi there Andrea I've noticed that if you use 3 images at once you end up getting a rather nice effect, though I have no idea as yet if it works in all browsers known to man... <div id='slideshowHolder'> <img src='img/img1.jpg'> <img src='img/img2.jpg'> <img src='img/img3.jpg'> </div> ...For some reason though, I cannot get it to transition more than 3 images.
  10. ...On 2nd thoughts, forget about everything I said... I did not see Andrea's answer to Ben's comment. Silly me.
  11. Er, this is going to take longer than I thought... I can't for the life of me understand why yours' isn't working. I have got a transition of sorts, but it's very fishy. At first I tried to break up one of the images into 3 separate pieces 3x320, but because of the way it's set up to handle IDs, I think maybe using a class isn't going to work. Erm, the only thing I can suggest it to perhaps place the following script between the head tags... <script> $(document).ready( function(){ $('#slideshowHolder').jqFancyTransitions({ width: 400, height: 300 }); }); </script> ...I'm not sure what that other following script is that you have in the home page is for... <script> $('#ft').jqFancyTransitions({ navigation: true, links : false }); </script> Erm, anyway, I'll keep at this for a little while until something else happens. Something good, I hope.
  12. Hi there Andrea I've been having a little look at all that gobble-de-gook, which is making my eyeballs spin in their sockets. Having said that, it's not so far removed from what I did more than a few years back. I can't exactly help with your situation, but I'd like to try this 'FancyTransitions' thingy and see it work in a lightweight page, and then perhaps try it out on yours', maybe? Erm, anyway, I suppose I'd better get cracking then...
  13. Funnily enough, I too have Espresso, but have found no need (as yet) to go looking for something with a little more, "wake up and smell the coffee" variety. Perhaps Coda 2 is looking for a different sort of hand-coder? Let's hope its newest version doesn't turn all of its Coda products into a... has bean. Er, sorry 'bout that. I will have a look at Espresso. Maybe I already have, and have just forgotten all about it. That's understandable, as I haven't been looking at web page building for a while now. The only other text editor that I do have eyes for is Sublime Text, before it became Sublime Text 2, I think? Something I mentioned a while back...
  14. LOL, I should have thought this one through more solidly. Silly me. Yeah, but your way is probably everyone's way as well. Perhaps, in the past I have not been so much influenced as awed by one or two peeps, most notably by billyboy and Paul O'Brien over at SitePoint, and yet I have done little in the ways of matching their wisdoms by mirroring their ways. Lately though, I've been wanting to jump right back into all this web page building malarkey, mostly because it was something that really gripped me, and I'm pretty sure it still does. Trouble is, I need to get smarter real quick. My memory is rubbish, and so I will need to have in place some other methods that will help me to remember stuff, and one of the ways I used to do that was by dipping in and out of anything that looked doable, planting a design on a magnetic whiteboard and then moving markup and css around (in my text editor) until it would give in to my design demands. Now though, I want to do it in a slightly different way; I'm still dipping in and out of a whole heap of (Dan Cederholm) books, but this time they're the voices that matter, kind. As for my lack of memory, I have an idea to visualise snippets without their whole values cluttering my mind's eye, and have them pinned to the walls. If anyone new to this stuff is wondering what the hell the above is, it's just a way of forcing a container to 'grow' in length downwards as text is added to it, especially if an image is being floated to the left, while the text itself is being floated to the right. This is Dan the Man at his best.
  15. Hi there peeps from around the world. All you peeps from around the world must have your own native voices advising you what's what about web development. For me, it's just enough to concentrate on the likes of Dan Cederholm. If ever there was a voice that mattered, it's his. However, I am thinking that there must be a few of his ilk out there far across the different lands who are able to steer folks whose native language isn't English with the same aspirations as those here in the West who have so many voices to catch up with. Right now, you're probably wondering what this topic is all about. It kind of started along the lines of, "Whose voice matters to you?" But then, because of some of the questions being raised belonged to a simpler sort of grammar, that I thought it might be an idea to have peeps from foreign lands -- as well as us (me) here in the West to create a list of those doing the influencing. Erm, anyway, my list is simple. So simply, it isn't really a list at all, as I just have one name in it, which you already know. Here in England I follow the teachings of Dan Cederholm (even though I may not keep to his explicit writings) . So, whose voice do you adhere to?
  16. You know Khanahk, if I had the money, which I do, I still will not be buying it. Okay, maybe I'll give in to my inner desires later, but hopefully it will be after I can re-learn all this gobble-de-gook. Actually, I do have dw cs3, but for what they want, money-wise, and for what I need to get learned, it just don't make sense. Of course, I would love to be able to play around with all of its new features, but at the end of a long day it's the learning of markup, css and all the rest of it that should concern me most, not having to learn bucket-loads of ways to do what can be done with a simple text editor. That said, I believe there are professional reasons why some peeps should be looking into learning all of its ways. This is mostly down to groups of peeps working on the same project. Ben, what have Panic done to Coda to make it so unbearable? Yours' and others' opinions have turned me away from buying this entirely new version.
  17. Hi everyone I am currently making some notes for myself, mostly because of LSW's recent downbeat comments about the state (or lack) of accessibility around the web, still. Fortunately, I have come across a rather helpful article (from one of my favourite websites) entitled, 'How to Author a Super Accessible Website'. Trouble is, I know next to nothing about this area (or any other area, really), and want to incorporate a mix of LSW's and whomever's useful contributions into that (typed out) mix, so that I can better understand this area. So far, I've only got to the 'Perceivable' guideline 1.1 stage of 'Text Alternatives', and though I might have only incorporated the thoughts of LSW and what his understandings of what the 'Alt' tag should mean, I know that at this point it barely touches the tip of an iceberg. Lately, I have found a better way, myself, in which to work through things, and that is to do a little bit every so often. And so, that is why I will not be learning all there is to learn about web accessibility in one sitting. Also, I am trying to work my way back into all this web page building activity. It's going to be a long, slow and thorough process, mostly because the way I learned how to build web pages in the past was to dip in and out of every available markup / code that would quickly help me to incorporate whatever piece of meaningful, and or, dynamic feature a website might best employ. But, that is not the way to learn. Hence, I am re-learning yet again, but this time trying to understand things in the way they work, so that I can ultimately become a better web page builder. Anyway, enough of that. When I have finished one part of some of my understandings into this area I will (hopefully) perhaps, post it on this very thread, maybe?
  18. I'm not a PC user myself, but some of the acquired knowledge and gained experience within this topic must be akin to finding gold, rather than just the dust.
  19. Yeah, I miss bb too, mostly because he had a way about himself that helped me to want to drive myself on to a better understanding of something or other. Mind you, I'd always be physically (and mentally) exhausted after one bout or two in the ring with him. He's probably settled down somewhere, and good luck to him, too. I can't be like him, or any of you guys. I wish I could, but there you go, there's always someone or something to aim for.
  20. Sorry about disappearing on you all (over again) but me mum was having all sorts of operations at the hospital, and for months too. Anyway, I just couldn't think straight, and had to make sure I was doing my bit for mum. She's a bit long in the tooth (more than me, really), and I just couldn't be thinking about web page building with her in and out of the intensive care unit (she had a number of operations). Look at what all that wanting to come back to you the last time did for me. Nothing! Oh well, I mustn't grumble. I still don't remember diddly squat. Never did, come to think about it. Ah, well anyway, there's a lot of learning I need to be catching up on, not least what I knew before. What did I know before? So I'm watching all of Stefan's videos in the KillerSites University. At the moment, it's mostly helping me to remember the little things that made me wonder why I used to dip in and out of the learning process. My memory is poor, but that's no excuse to go and skim the whys and how things work, but that's just me, really -- all over. Erm, I won't be around as much as I'd like to be - at first. I suppose, it's going to depend on how much time I'm willing to put into this thing. ...And before I forget -- what ever happened to billyboy?
  21. You have a very nicely designed website. I think what grabs me is the texture of the background, and that everything stands out without there being too many colours. Hey, even your 'About Us' page is lovely also.
  22. You know, I've never really liked those two words, when said together. I mean, 'Doctype' almost sounds like duct tape. Come to think about it I've got to go and see another sort of doc type later this week; my quack, or doctor as most would say.
  23. MacRankin


    I didn't remember, so I did a google, and found the answer is... Blind Guardian If my ears ever stop blinking ringing / hissing I'd like to purchase some of their sounds purely for those 20 minutes or so of air destroying shadowboxing moments. Oh and btw, my favourite Rush album was (or, still is) Moving Pictures.
  24. MacRankin


    They were one of the few rock bands that I didn't see back in the early eighties. The others were Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin. I'm an old headbanger, but these days I tend to listen to a bit of Jazz, Classical music, and Irish / world folk. I think the thing I liked about Rush is they're clear and unique sound. I mean, you could hear every word. Like you, I'm not a great fan of Rush, but for the very same reasons, I also like Thin Lizzy. Sadly, though, Phil Lynott passed away many moons ago. His vocals too were pin-sharp. And they too had a unique sound. Having said that I was quite impressed with a metal band that I'd not heard of before, but that had been around for quite a whiles somewhere in Germany, but I can't remember their name to save my life. Anyway, you probably wouldn't like them, unless of course your an Iron Maiden fan, which I was. They're still good to listen too, but only when I'm doing a bit of furious shadowboxing, say.
  25. There's some really good stuff in here that I had forgotten about. I'm not really a newbie, as such. Just someone who's lost their way a bit. Silly memory of mine. I especially like the comment about commenting, and Kyle's module structured approach, if that's the right terminology. Sometimes just reading stuff like this is so much better than slogging through all those tutorials again. Though, having said that I'll still need the tutorials to get me up and running (but, not so fast) again. I don't suppose there are many newbies out there that will appreciate such wise words until it finally hits them (between the eyes) further on down the road.
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