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  1. Hmm … sounds like your classic 'oops, we've screwed up horribly: let's fix it FAST and keep pretending we had no clue how to fix it.' type of thing. If I were your manager, I'd be WRITING (remember pen and paper? ) to the ISP to politely ask for a FULL, TECHNICAL explanation of precisely what the problem was, "… so that I can take appropriate steps to prevent any reoccurrence of the problem in future." Geddit?!?!?!! Then if they refuse, your manager can write another letter (to the ISP's MD this time) to express his/her disappointment that the ISP "… seems reluctant to work with us to prevent problems." That usually lights a rocket under the cover-up merchants and gets at least an apology, if not a proper explanation. Hope that helps!
  2. Any further news on this problem or its cause/resolution, BeeDev? I'm REALLY intrigued to know!!! (Yeah, I know, I'm just being nebby!) PS: Will your saga of woe make it to 'The Daily WTF' someday?
  3. I'd agree with Ben. In addition to the benefits he mentioned, it also means you don't have to find/replace every link if 'someone' decides to change the domain name at the last minute (www.mysite.com to, say, www.mygreatsite.net). Hope that helps!
  4. Thanks for that link. Apart from the dodgy-looking homepage (!), yes it all works fine here too. And I can't see anything that might stuff up the server side either. As you say, it's a 'stumper!' All I can think of is that the ISP has either stuck 'more stuff' on that server than was there before, or they are too dumb to work out the real source of the problem, so obviously that'll be 'your fault.' I can thoroughly recommend f2s (but they've just been swalloewd whole by Opal, so the jury is out maentime , and of course the ever-dependable and helpful Fasthosts, but IIWY I would definitely be looking to switch, and at the very least be making enquiries to other ISPs: if only because of your current ISP's just plain unhelpful and bizarrely 100% unreasonable attitude to you (a.k.a. their customers). Just my two-penn'orth ...
  5. BeeDev, That certainly qualifies as a 'weird one' (almost worthy of "The Daily WTF"!). I'm staggered that your ISP aren't prepared to help you by way of logs or indeed ANY info. I would be tempted to look for a new ISP simply on that basis... ...but let's just check a couple of things. Does your ISP offer different hosting types (Linux/Windows)? Does your site use any server-side databases? If so, are these Microsoft DBs or (e.g.) MySQL/PostGRE SQL? Does your site depend on PHP on any other specific technologies like ASP, Java, etc.? Does your site have a large number of animations, audio, or video? Is there any other thing about your site which might cause a huge amount of server-side activity (ASP pages, AJAX, RubyOnRails, Actinic Catalog, etc.)? I expect your team have thought of most/all of this already, but it would help to know a bit more about your site. Is it commercial? Does it use any kind of 'shopping software,' for example? And finally ... are you sure that your 'new' site is on the same physical server at your ISP as your 'old' site was? And, I for one would love to know what the answer to your problem is, once you finally work it out!
  6. Hello, Susie. It's also worth checking http://www.webbie.org.uk/webbiefordesigners.htm, which is a page on the WebbIE site. On that site, you can download the WebbIE browser itself, and the site also contains LOADS of other helpful advice AND lots of helpful links. I thoroughly recommend it!
  7. Sincere thanks to all concerned for those replies. And especially for the 'quick change' to the 'crumb trail:' that makes it MUCH easier to read, so THANK YOU!
  8. Thanks: that was what I thought, but I just wanted some confirmation from a guru! Thanks again.
  9. Since there doesn't seem to be any other place to comment about this forum's design, this seemed the most appropriate topic. Apologies if there is some better place for it! The new 'community' design' is much harder for me to use than the previous 'forum' design. Specifically, the very large buttons and headers, plus the large 'blank margins' either side, make the content rather 'squished up' on my screen here, and some pages (like the Calendar) don't really work at all, with the big buttons at the top over about three 'lines' and the last/previous months' calendars overlaying the current month's. Would it be possible to reduce the size of the page margins, sidebar menu, and button controls so that the site would fit properly into my browser 'real estate' here? Because of my eyesight and monitor size, I can't run any more than 1280×1024 pixels, and this new site seems to have been designed for screens much larger than that. Thanks in advance for any comments from the admins. PS: Also, the 'shadowed' text in the 'crumb trail' at the top is very difficult to read, and makes my eyes 'swim.'
  10. Eric, thank you for your reply, which I assume means using 'position' in CSS? Sorry if I didn't explain this well enough above, but making any amendments to the pages currently displayed as the 'bottom frame' is not an option—the majority of those pages are auto-generated by an app. whose output I cannot change. Therefore, it's not possible to add any CSS to them, nor to add an INCLUDE to display our 'standard' heading, unless I do that manually (and there are about 600 of those pages currently in the site, growing by about six per week!). THAT is my problem, and is why I'm wondering whether I should just continue using frames as I do at present? Or is there some 'clever' way to force a non-scrolling heading/menu to appear above a page whose content I cannot change (or at least, it would be a lot of work to change it)? PS: I don't get paid for maintaining that site, so manually changing 600+ pages, and another six or so per week on a continuing basis, goes beyond my 'goodwill!'
  11. Hello, everyone. This is my first post, so apologies if it is in the wrong place. I administer the site for a local bridge club at w ww.carlton bridge centre.org.uk. If you view this site, you will notice that it currently uses frames: this is merely to keep the header and menu static (i.e., non-scrolling). The reason I use frames is that many of the pages (all the Results pages for events) are generated by our scoring program; otherwise, I would use an INCLUDE for the header and menu, and CSS to keep it still! The Results pages are auto-uploaded by our decidedly non-technical members using an app. called CarbonFTP—to keep everything as simple as possible for them. Given those constraints, I have two questions: 1) Should I 'go against the flow' and just keep using frames for that site? 2) Is there some way that I could keep the header (and the menu, which incidentally was created using SoThink DHTML Menu if that helps you) non-scrolling WITHOUT using frames, yet still be able to have our auto-generated Results pages easily uploadable by our users? Apologies if I haven't described those questions very well, or if they are FAQs. I've had a good look through many HTML 'how-to' sites, but I can't find any answer which would work for pages which are auto-generated by a third-party app. Please do ask if there's any information I haven't given above which you would need in order to be able to help. Any and all thoughts or ideas welcome. Sincere thanks in advance!
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