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  1. Really? Hmm. I shall look into that then. Less code is always a plus in my book.
  2. Stefan, I just read your latest newsletter. The "PHP Nerdiness" is a nice reprieve. So, you found an issue with CodeIgniter? Very interesting. It definitely seems to me that it should have been able to handle that missing object on it's own. Well, I hope they work on that in a future release. Could you tell me in your own words what you like about Laravel? I've never used it, although I've used CodeIgniter a little bit. Just curious to hear more from you on this.
  3. Wonder what Stefan is up to these days...

  4. Ebay has been shady for a long time. But without it, where else would you go to find cheap Asian knockoffs of products made with lead and other poisons, direct from torturous labor camps right to your door step? Her complaint is mostly about their seller verification process... which is always a source of problems even for those who CAN hear. They have stronger requirements for proof of identity or proof of address than local government organizations, which is a little weird if you actually think about it. I hope she wins the appeal... although I doubt it. It wouldn't surprise me if Ebay was another one of those organizations that is in BED with the government.
  5. My rule of thumb is to use PNG for images where i really care about quality. Typically custom graphics are going to fall under this category. If i simply don't care about quality then i use JPGs or if it's a photo taken with a camera I will use JPGs (because i always take photos in the highest possible resolution and then save smaller-sized copies for display on the web or elsewhere). Definitely read the adobe information about images. Also check out the wealth of information available to you on the Internet about this subject, then use what works for your situation.
  6. spiralmind

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    Hello and welcome to Killersites, the best little known community on the net!
  7. I would do this with hidden divs and just show the divs you want when appropriate buttons/links are clicked using javascript/jquery.
  8. Check out mysql's information on datatypes to get a grasp of the knowledge. This is required learning if you plan on seriously using MySQL. http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/data-types.html
  9. Yeah, i never realized just how many people out there are using outdated browsers until i became a bench technician and started seeing it for myself on a daily basis. It is jaw dropping! The net moves at the pace of the slowest to adapt. In a larger observation, I think that goes for a lot of things... not just the Internet. Laws, societal changes, etc.
  10. This year has been the fastest ever. Do you agree?

    1. benjaminmorgan


      Hope next year is fast, they all seem so slow.

    2. spiralmind


      really? Heh. Well its relative. Don't know why you'd want it to be fast though... Means your life is passing by!

  11. I'd have to say the learning never ends. These technologies change and evolve with time (like we do) so there is no end to the learning processes as new ways to do things develop. Enjoy the ride!
  12. Hello fellow Californian!
  13. Can you disable the admin panel's port 80 or move it to a different port? If not you can use Apache on a different port (other than 80). I'm not familiar with your model of router. I would start by reading the documentation that supports your router. Google is your friend. Download the user manual and see what it has to say about it's use of port 80. You would want to set up the router so that it passes the port (80 or whatever you set it as) to the machine that has the Apache installation. You also need to make sure, most importantly, that your ISP provides an open port 80. A lot of residential ISPs block this port.
  14. I'm not as new... but I'm newly active!
  15. Hmmm. So separate "public_html" and "application" folders for each website which i assume would be located under the particular website folder? I'm not actually doing this at the moment I'm just trying to get a better grasp of a Codeigniter installation and It's relationship to multiple websites on the root directory. All the tutorials i have seen so far only seem to discuss using it with one website per installation, so that's why i was asking. I will look into this more. Thanks, Ben.
  16. Awesome! I really appreciate the responses. I will do a little of both and already started putting together an on-line portfolio... i just need to put more time into it. I always keep local copies so showing off my original work isn't a problem. Great advice!
  17. I'd like to hear back from the community regarding how to put together a proper portfolio. Any tips or ideas? What have you done in the past? What works and what doesn't work? Do you use screenshots of your work? I've put together dozens of websites, but guess what... I've never put together a portfolio or taken it to the next level. How should i proceed? If any of you have portfolios that you'd like to share I'd love to see them to help get some ideas.
  18. So i have a general question or two about using frameworks with PHP. I'm stepping into this for the first time. When using a php framework like codeigniter would you "install" it for each website you are working on, or does one installation in the root directory suffice for all websites under that domain? Is this the same for other frameworks like cakephp & zend? How does one go about installing a framework if they intend to work on multiple websites within the root? Let me know if i need to clarify this more, I'm not sure if I'm being clear enough in my questioning.
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