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  1. Hi, We are currently redesigning our website, htt p://ww w.aljoufilaw.com/ar/, by inserting photos in the sub-pages. We would like to to have the photos in high resolution and quality. I converted the photos in Photoshop to JPEG and PNG formats. Which of the two is better? i also increased the the resolution of the photos in Photoshop, does it help with the quality? Thanks in advance for your help and feedback on this.
  2. Hi, I am currently working on a website and I need your help. Everything is working now except for one thing. The lay-out and alignment are okay, i.e header menu, if you are browsing using 100% zoom level. However, if you change the zoom level to 135% for example, the header menu goes out of place and the lay-out changes. My client does not want this and he wants to have the lay-out the same without menu going out of place if you zoom in or out. 1. What seem to be causing this problem? 2. What are the ways to solve this issue, preventing the lay-out to change even if you zoom in or out? I really appreciate it if you could please check the website at http://www.aljoufilaw.com, and test the issue mentioned above. Your opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. =)
  3. The website that I am developing now, http://www.aljoufilaw.com, is already up and running. However, my client still have plans to add and insert images to the pages of the website. This would then require me to redesign the pages with the new photos. Do you have any suggestions how can I proceed with the design with better and elegant feel and impression to the viewers? Your help and opinions will greatly help me on this.
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