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  1. Thank you Ben and Spiral mind. Appreciated. See Ben, That Varchar solves everything again haha
  2. Hi guys, Just practicing here making a mock database for my DVD collection. Im brand new to this. I have made a few fields for DVD title and date etc etc. But I want to add a field that would allow me to link to the official film website. From the options in myPHPadmin, what field type would I select?
  3. @ Tofayel. I haven't experienced this at all. @ Tom Yes, like many other forums and especially Youtube I must add, this is pretty much my findings too. They make up what I refer too as Keyboard warriors. IE if you were standing face to face in a bus stop or Bar they wouldn't dare be so rude, but typing in there mothers bedroom on her Laptop with a cup of hot coco in there hands they become amazingly brave as they insult you facelessly from half way around the world. Never saw the need to do that as what does it prove? What a coward I am?? Of course I am not bothered if others disagree with my points as long as they are constructive and respectful in there content as I am to them. There are few places on the net that seem to be safe from Keyboard warriors but killer sites seems to be. If this is the result of strong moderation what is another way of saying zero tolerance for keyboard warriors, then im happy with that.
  4. Hey there, Thank you so much for your time taken to write all of that. Deeply appreciated. Ill report back and let you know how it went out of courtesy. Ill be making a start in the first week of Jan. Thanks again.
  5. Hi guys, I currently host a web site for a friend here... http://www.blackoutfm.co.uk/ Whilst the site is nothing more than a wordpress template it now has many more members than my friend ever anticipated, so he doesn't want to just scrap it and restart over what I fully understand. I need to stop using this host however and go over to another hosting company that in my view have much better support. I therefore need to swap this site from its current location to the new hosting provider. I appreciate there may be some downtime with the site and that's fine, but can anyone explain step by step in beginner terms what I am to do here. Would be greatly appreciated. I going to guess its not as simply as drag and drop Many thanks in advance for constructive replies.
  6. No it wouldn't be a general anyone template. It would be a heavily customized one to the point where the original was unrecognizable or a one from scratch.
  7. benjaminmorgan You sir, are a star!!! I have to admit I understood none of those instructions on the link but followed along and it worked fine. Thanks very much for sharing this info with me. Problem resolved, Many thanks!
  8. Hey been thinking about this... If wordpress is the way to go, the only thing I really need to do is come up with a template for wordpress. Wordpress is so easy to set up I don't mind doing this twice. If I design my own template I can just apply it again and again where I see fit. Am I right in thinking this?
  9. Hi Ben, I have tried what you said as well as manually saved the permalinks page but nothing doing. Im grateful of any suggestions.
  10. Thanks for the direction Eddie. Been quite stuck with this. Ill leave it a day and see what comes in and then try the links you mentioned.
  11. Thanks Eddie, Great info. Appreciate both you and Hanks time.
  12. If this helps any, Wordpress has assigned the following link to my new page But when I go there I get Been on with this for hours now. Not sure what else to try. .
  13. Hey again all, im having a 'mare today argggg! You know a day where you just want to get on but everything decides to act up Im adding new pages to my wordpress site I am building on WAMP yet the all display the 404 not found message when I try to view them. I have changed the permalinks but I did this prior to putting any new pages or posts in there. So im not sure if its this but thought it worth a mention. Any ideas anyone? Greatly appreciated as always.
  14. Hi there, thanks for the reply. So there is no way I can do this from my PC? IE client can see what I have without uploading? The only way is if my site is online? If thats the case I wonder why im messing around with WAMP in the first place? Ok, so say in future I work on all of my sites online and skip WAMP, where do I put the site on my server so both myself and the client only can see it? Ideally Id like not to have to move it from there on in.
  15. Hey guys. I just wanted to say I am very happy so far with my premium subscription. There is enough content on there to keep me going for ever. Also backed up with the friendly and mature forum in honesty I don't need look anywhere else. Im currently studying:- Wordpress Dreamweaver HTML CSS PHP Not in that order, I do what I need to do today as I have a client and am learning as I go. I can honestly say Killer sites is the backbone of my start up web design business! I don't know how I can give a higher rating than that. So, keep it up and ill keep stumping up for my subscription
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