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  1. Aaaaaaaah... I think I need coffee
  2. OK,i agree with you that excess is bad,but a little bit here and there,just enough to give it that "out there" feeling,can't be that bad...
  3. Pity there's no reputation button
  4. oaktree98

    Old Tech

    Why,if technology has advanced in the past few years,do websites still seem so ... outdated(for lack of a better word)? I mean,with HTML5 and CSS3 I'd expect every site to make use of it and implement 3D animations and similar effects into their designs(sure you can do that with javascript,but it's easier with CSS,right?). Is it possibly because of Internet explorer and all the other bad browsers that they're restricted or is it something else? ~Curios Oak~
  5. Thanks a bunch! I googled around a bit and found some stuff about ajax and if I'm right it's a way to communicate with the server without changing the page (or something along those lines),right? So since JS is so popular,should I use it for ALL client-side scripting or with another? And should PHP be used on it's own or with other server-side languages?('cept for MySql and that "stuff")
  6. And what is the best way to deal with internet explorer?
  7. Best forum I've been on so far

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      Welcome to the forum!

  8. I've only just started learning web design/development (it's been about 2 months) and I've got a decent understanding of HTML and CSS and I'm trying to learn javascript (those are apparently the 3 basics of web design).Only after a month did I find out about all the other scripting languages and now I'm just confused :| I planned on learning PHP and that after that I'd be all ready to go,but it seems that I was wrong...How do I choose what languages to learn? What are the differences between them? And what else do I need to know(I've heard about MySql databases,apache,Perl,ruby,Ajax,but I don't know what I really need) Any advice would help and thanks in advance.
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