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  1. Yea they 3 social media icons should be links but even then would face the same problem. The bigger "icon pack" I figured was showing off the icons on display. as if they were selling them. I just couldn't figure out how to get those images to side up/off the brown element they sit on. I might just have to get that hosting. would I be able to post things without a domain name? I was looking at ipage.com to set up my own site but have been putting that off due to lack of content. Im not able to upload the rest of the files on here. It seems I have hit my 1MB upload quota.
  2. I will attach the original preview and the way mine currently looks. sorry I don't yet have a server post my work on yet. As you can see I have to images that need to me moved. the brown "Icon pack" straight up about 25 pixles and then the social media icons moved off to the right side just outside of its container but appear it's connected. When the brown image is moved up the top gets cut off. When the social media icons are moved to the right I get a horizontal scroll bar on that section Would it be best to take these two images outside of the container and just absolutely position them? The CSS The HTML Thank you
  3. So all I can do right now is take a PSD slice and turn it to HTML & CSS. My cousin gave me an idea to go on freelancer sites and bid 1 dollar for jobs and posting a clear disclaimer. What do you think about that? Or is there a place I could possible do volunteer work? I would like to start getting some work experience. What would be the best way to go about this?
  4. I was in such a hurry to post this I completely forgot to validate I would have cleared most of that up. Sorry about that. On line 46, you are correct, it was just supposed to be "lady jumping". that button generator must have been some kind of copy and past accident. About the footer. I put the footer div for the background image to go side to side 100% of the way, but used the inside container to keep everything inside the 940 width. How would I go about cutting this down to just one div? I could have the id=footer and class=container on one div, but how would I make that image go from side to side? Now I look at it again I really didnt need to put id=footer_container. Thank you all for being so helpful!
  5. what's a fresher? Layers are other images stacked on top of your background.
  6. I'm practising my html and css. So I searched around for a cool looking PSD to slice up and put together. Here's what I came out with. programs I used were: Ubuntu 12.04 Gimp Bluefish and some button generator Any tips or any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated in case you didn't want to download my .zip file here are links to my code and the original My CSS code My HTML what the original looks like What do you think? POLO360.zip
  7. Exactly, I never did to well in a classroom and I enjoy learning from a video. You are able to pause and rewind if you didn't understand something. This whole time I had a feeling like I was only fooling myself. That I can't get a real education online. I didn't realize how much the web really changes so even if I had a school education I would still need to learn online to keep current. Thanks guys!
  8. So I have made a decision to start a career in web design. I have been at it for a month now spending anywhere from 6-16 hours a day doing tutorials and trying to design my own sites. So my question here is.. Is it possible to really get all the knownledge online to become a web designer or am I living in a dream world? Has any one else done it this way? Also what are the things I should really focus on? I feel I have HTML down pretty well. HTML seems pretty basic because everything else is done with CSS. I have been working on my CSS a lot but that can be truly frustrating at times. Floating things wrong to the overflow moving things around. I have also done plenty of ruby and RoR tutorials. Thanks everybody, and I'm happy to see there is a community that supports us noobs.
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