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  1. Yes, some freelancing sites, like oDesk, elance, Freelancer, etc. are well reputed and good for starting work. But before starting work on a freelancing platform, you should try to know that site well at first.
  2. I think if you have good knowledge in graphics design and you are creative, then you have a good prospect in web design field. Graphics design is preliminary stage of web design, after that should proceed for learning PHP, HTML,CSS, etc. More you learn, you will more expert.
  3. Yes, web design and development is most prospective now. Because most of businesses now a days internet base, also it is growing very fast, so people have need web design and development, also they have to need maintain it.
  4. Yes Killer sites is a good source for learning, but moderation is so strong on forums. It would be flexible.
  5. Tofayel

    Firefox 3.6

    Firefox is a smart browser, so they always try to upgrade them and inform it to all user. We should keep upgrade with them.
  6. Wordpress is easy but I think static HTML pages would not be problem, if you are a advance webmaster.
  7. It is good idea. But I think domain name choose as design tutorial blog related keyword, it will helpful for your site SEO. And for post topic ideas, you should visit related sites.
  8. I think new wave annoying animations platform would be wide.
  9. Thanks for good suggestions. Just we expect proper justification and I think warning system would be better for new member. Also as a new member we should read rules and regulations of forum at first.
  10. Your hosting site should be better and use simple design. Also you should carefully analyze Amazone.com.
  11. You may search it on Google, you will get lot of sites for collect flash file for free use. Also there is various flash tutorial sits for learn flash.
  12. Tofayel


    I am also new here. I am a young Bangladeshi freelancer. I like gather and share knowledge.
  13. Yes various time various forums suddenly called us spammer, its really dishearten us. I think without warning, moderator should not do this, its not fair.
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