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  1. Rested eyes can be as good as a fresh set of eyes for reviewing a piece of problematic code. Glad to hear you worked it out.Yes it's a good feeling to resolve something you've been working at into the small hours. I also like to 'let the dust settle' (time permitting) for a day or so on a project or piece of work, then take a fresh look at it myself with rested eyes before anyone else.
  2. Deva

    css background image

    I don't have a lot of experience with CSS but I usually just increase the size of the image. A larger image = less space for repetition
  3. ah - Good Morning - guess it was just the timing of my visit. The spam is usually pretty low on here. Well moderated
  4. Not checked in for a few days but there seems to be nothing but SPAM in the recent topics this morning!
  5. Just tried several pages. They all loaded perfectly and very quickly.
  6. The page of one of my sites has been turning up number 1 on Google for a while for the search term 'Roman Chester'. I don't consider myself to be an expert on the Romans, Chester, SEO or web design. But i do have an interest in all the aforesaid 'hobbies' and I put the high search engine ranking down to the quality of the material included on the page. I do realise, having dipped into this forum from time to time, that i need to improve a lot of things on it - including usability/accessibility. I've also learned that there are plenty of tips, tricks and tools freely available to improve traffic. Hang on to your cash if you can.
  7. If you use Cpanel go to Awstats. You should see all your site statistics, including when the last robot/spider visited.
  8. I'd encourage you to take Andrea's advice and search for free WYSIWG software. Keep your money in your pocket for now. I started with free WYSIWG then bought an editor once I'd decided i wanted to learn code. I've been learning code for a while now and still don't feel compelled to spend big bucks on dreamweaver - yet
  9. If it's only a small number of documents that you need to combine and you have access to a scanner, you could scan them in PDF format. I use a 'CanoScan Lide 100' which allows me to combine multiple documents. It can be time consuming though if you have a lot of documents. I paid about £20 for it a couple of years ago.
  10. Hi, I want to get a bit more familiar with using CPANEL. I've found the following 4 vids using the KillerSites search: Setting up email with CPANEL - Using File Manager in CPANEL - Uploading web pages with CPANEL - Setting up MySQL with CPANEL Does anyone know of anymore anywhere? Im not looking for anything specific at the moment, just trying to get a bit more comfortable with using CPANEL Thanks
  11. "Avoid classes that teach DW along with web design. Take a web design class and then take a DW class if you like." Hi, In my somewhat 'limited' experience of web design I completely agree with this. I originally started with free WYSIWG editors but then decided to learn code. I even recently stopped using another editor that i had purchased, and reverted to notepad as I was indeed finding it a bit much learning the code and the program at the same time. I was therefore a bit dissapointed to find that the 13 CSS layout videos, that I've just worked though, seem to have equal emphasis on using Dreamweaver as they do to using CSS. It would be nice if these tutorials could be made available using an everyday text editor. That said, I've been mostly happy with the tutorials i've seen so far on the site. kind regards, Deva
  12. Hi Kyle, I just clicked your social media links as I wasn't familiar with all of them. Your twitter link is presenting with "'url' parameter does not contain a valid URL." Cool looking site though, and interesting to read of your background in programming.
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