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  1. Good day to all, I want/need to create a calculator for a sales team to calculate possible earnings based on commissions, accounts, and people per account, that type of thing. Has anyone ever done something like that or have the grey matter to whip something like that up? I am waiting for the logic from sales but I want to be proactive and get my head wrapped around the gist of it. Thanks
  2. Hi Andrea, This is that site you were not too crazy about all that time ago. But here's the thing, my hosting company, Ipage,went into the database and changed the theme to twenty-ten. In the backend the current theme is still atahualpa and twenty-ten is deactivated. I called back and told them to put things back but who knows when that will happen. Anyway: www.arjcommunications.com
  3. Hi all, Two weeks ago all four of my WP sites were working fine. Took last week off and today I tried to access them and a little 0 is in the top left hand corner. Nothing else. Support from my hosting company says it is the theme. I am not convinced. Has anyone seen this before? Anthony
  4. Hi all, I can't get my logo to stay put. If I move the logo within the logical div it moves my title down. It sounds like a float problem but it escapes me. Would you have a look? <body> <section class="container"> <section> <h2>ARJ Communications & Technologies</h2> <h3>Bringing art and science together</h3> </section> <header id="logo"> <img src="asset/arjcommunications.com 2011-12-3 10-56-19.png" alt="ARJ Communications" width="83" height="129" longdesc= "asset/arjcommunications.com 2011-12-3 10-56-19.png"> </header> Thanks,
  5. No that is not quite what I was after but you gave me an idea... How would I go about doing this?...First take a look at the site currently with attached files. Let's say that I add three more colors to the right of the grey container. So I would have the white container with the content, then the grey then say..red, yellow, and green ( not that I would use those colors but for arguments sake). Now I want the pages in my nav bar to be one of those colors. How would I stagger those containers and when you click on the nav bar the appropriate page comes the fore-front? Make sense? helpme.css helpme.html
  6. Hello out there, Can you guys look at this code and show me where I went wrong. you will see at the top of the page I want the site title just below the grey outer shell. I attached the files below. arj_help.html arj_help.css
  7. Hi all, I would like to bid on a web project and would like your opinions on what to charge. Here are the details: > 1.Do you have your own images or do they need to be created? > 2.Are you going to have video? > 3.Do you have the copy written or do you need those services as well? > 4.How many pages do you want to start with? > 5.Do you have a domain name and hosting company or is that something you > will need? > 6.What is your timeline? > 7.What is the over-all purpose of this site (i.e. generate leads, > information gathering, selling(products and or services))? Probably just pull some images of the Net, Or buy some on photostock. Yes i would like to do a video, and over time add a series of video's I can write the most of the content. 5-10 pages to start I would like to have the site indexed by halloween It is mainly to inform, generate leads. and sale our products. I would also like them to schedule phone conferences from a button on the home page. 55% of clients come from out of town. Here are two of the website the client wants to mirror: www.hishairclinic.com www.goodlookink.com Your Thoughts?
  8. Has anybody seen a website where a person suddenly appears on the bottom of a website and talks to you while seemingly the website goes about it's own business? What technology is that?
  9. OK I am going to give this one a shot...http://bohemiawebsites.com/WORDPRESS/ 1. I want the rotator on the home page. So I add the PHP script in the home page content area via the html viewer? 2. Add images to the file folder?
  10. Hello All, I need to get up to speed on the ins and outs of a e-commerce site...How is the best way to go about this?
  11. So basically a link within a page?
  12. Can anyone explain what an anchor is and how and why you would use one?
  13. Well I come to find out I don't like this plugin....But I have looked at this one... http://bohemiawebsites.com/WORDPRESS/ Part of the instructions are below and I have a hard part with "place something like" what do you mean something like? And "in your templates" what templates? 3. Place something like `<?php if (function_exists(boslideshow_show())) { boslideshow_show(); } ?>` in your templates within the desired div tag. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
  14. Hello, I am looking at this potential software and as easy as they say it is....I am not so confident. Can you look at this and tell me: 1.Where on my site do I transfer files to? 2.How do you explain to this software where I want you to display images? Anyway here is the link... http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/jw-image-rotator/
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