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    Title tag in CSS

    There is no CSS tag named 'title' which can be styled. Please post your complete html page so we can see what you are calling 'title'. Do you mean to style a div with an ID? In that case, the following would work. #title { ... add styles here } ... div content here
  2. http://freeflashclocks.eu or http://freeflashclocks.eu/blog/
  3. try setting the padding to 0 for the IE versions
  4. The search engines use the html output that your php code generates, so, no, the source being php doesn't affect your search results. There are many more factors which will be affecting the site search results. Meeting the W3C standards for the code, SEO friendly URL's, good original content, Searchword competition, your site's age on the Inter-webs are a few of the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  5. Place the first seven fields into a div that is 50% wide, the remaining ones into another div with the same width. Float the first div left, the second one right.
  6. Google Kontera ads system. They have 'pop-up' ad links.
  7. Add the line ending semi-colon on the line above the array declaration. // Associatative Array Uses Name Value Pairs print " ";
  8. the code snippet works perfectly for me. is there more code?
  9. Use floats and margins instead of the relative positioning for the content div.
  10. try removing the 'space' in the image name. images/MA075_Clear.jpg
  11. yes, it seems faster to me.
  12. > </pre> <li> Gite Goulet, is a beautiful first floor 2 twin bedroomed gite. </li> Using Microsoft Word for a text editor? It adds non-standard code. All of the formatting could be in a class and in the CSS file for the site. That would be the best method to use for the site. The design/layout you currently have can be re-done to use CSS easily enough. I like the clean simplicity of the page.
  13. jlhaslip

    a littel help...

    To add the value to the end of the URL, use the GET method for the form. Also, the second submit button is outside the form.
  14. What is your code for the printing of the array?
  15. Receive the data as POST array elements, ie: $_POST['name']. Clean the data like so: $clean_data = escape_data($_POST['name']); Then, echo the $clean_data. The function should remove the slashes only if the magic_quotes_gpc is active, so you use it to allow your script to function the same whether the magic_quotes is on or off.
  16. // Create a function for escaping the data. function escape_data ($data) { // Address Magic Quotes. if (ini_get('magic_quotes_gpc')) { $data = stripslashes($data); } // Return the escaped value. return $data; } // End of function.
  17. First of all, centre the wrapper div using margin: 0pt auto; width: 900px; Then visit cssplay.co.uk to find a centering float left horiz ul/li menu. http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/centered.html
  18. jlhaslip

    Skype Menu

    Yes, CSS3 will allow for rounded corners, but Browser support can not be depended upon yet. The CSS3 Spec is still being written, and the Spec is subject to change. Also, the spec will drop things which are not supported be a minimum number of Browsers.
  19. You would need to add a mail function into the db insert part of the script.
  20. jlhaslip

    PHP and the DOM

    Similar to the use of javascript/DOM, but a little bit more intensive would be an AJAX function to do the content retreival. On another note, why is the flashing and flickering happening? Does the page Flash and flicker when it gets losded the first time? Does it happen in all Browsers?
  21. You will need to change some settings in your php.ini file for the XAMPP to work with an SMTP mail function. Xampp has a default page that is orange in colour. Start the XAMPP and then type in http://localhost. Then on the left hand side, select PHP INFO for a listing of the XAMPP settings. Near the top, there is an item which tells you the location of the php .ini file to alter. Google for more information about changing the SMTP settings. I never use the mail feqature on my XAMPP, or I would be of more help to you. Check also at apachefriends.org, in the FAQ section.
  22. Are you trying this on your local machine? If so, you need a Server capable of handling php. Do you have a Server installed? XAMPP or WAMP? If you are using this script on your Web Host, do they allow php?
  23. Is there another script running that is also a body or window onload event? The Dynamic Drive site has the solution for that.
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