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    a littel help...

    thank you. but i am a beginner. please help me. please give me a correct code.
  2. Hello... We have a program that it works with one row(p1-->group-->sub_group) that it work correctly. now we want change it. it's output: ($ad_sub_groups). we want add another row in this program that it will have(p2-->group-->sub_group2). how we can change it that it works correctly? that it's output be: ($ad_sub_groups). for guide: sub_group take this array: valid_arr[1] = document.newad.sub_group.value; we want add this variable ($ad_sub_groups2) to our database table. and we want insert an id in the dataBase tables for each sub_groups.
  3. ...???? ????? ??????? ???????? ?????? ... p 1 group: <?php echo $ad_groups; ?> sub_group: <?php echo $ad_sub_groups; ?> p 2 group: <?php echo $ad_groups; ?> sub_group: <?php echo $ad_sub_groups; ?>
  4. ...???? ????? ??????? ???????? ?????? ... insert new p 1 group: <?php echo $ad_groups; ?> sub group: <?php echo $ad_sub_groups; ?> p 2 group: <?php echo $ad_groups; ?> sub group: <?php echo $ad_sub_groups;
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