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  1. I'm fairly new to web design and have been using a variety of Microsoft products to design graphics and such. It is now time to step it up and purchase some new software. I would like to design scrolling text banners and be able to create crystal clear graphics. I'm currently using Dreamweaver and was wondering if I should stick with Adobe products like Photoshop and Flash. I hope this message is written in the correct forum and I would appreciate any advice given. Thanks - Al
  2. I've tried it both ways and I keep getting that error box with five or six reasons why it might not work. I must be missing something.
  3. I'm trying to set-up the FTP profile to access files for a new client that's currently using GoDaddy.com as their web host. I spent hours last night trying several combinations, and never was successful. I Googled my problem and found that others have experienced similar difficulties using Dreamweaver to connect to GoDaddy. I'm needing some clarification - what exactly is an "FTP Host" in the eyes of Dreamweaver? Is it my client's web address or the address of the server? With another client of mine, the FTP Host field works with "ftp.intercession.net", which is the server and not their address. Also, there was discussion regarding the proper way to enter the "HTTP address" in the local info part of the Dreamweaver set-up. Please help me. My eyes are blurry and I'd like to get to work on their site rather than spend time fighting FTP connections. Thanks - Al
  4. Al

    Local search engines

    Thanks everyone for your valuable information. I'll do the research and present it to my client. You guys ROCK!!!
  5. Al

    Local search engines

    Thanks Benjamin. I checked out these links you sent and was wondering if you have ever tried to implement a search engine yourself, and if so, how difficult was it. Also, I see that many of them are FREE. Are they really FREE? Is there some hidden cost? Thanks - Al
  6. I manage a website that uses Google search engine for local inquiries on the site. My client is asking if we could do away with Google and design a search engine of our own to do the job. This engine would only need to search on our site locally. Is this possible or is it much easier/cheaper to stay with Google? Thanks - Al
  7. I was concerned that I would have to rebuild the site if I used a full CMS. I checked out cushycms and it reminded me of Adobe InContext Editing that I have access to through Dreamweaver. I set-up an administrators account with InContext Editing and tried to work through creating a situation that allowed for the one-grower-to-one-page access I mentioned before, but had trouble configuring the Host Directory to limit access to just one page within the site. Maybe my knowledge of configuring these types of things is too shallow. Another concern is the cost...cushycms is free, I think, while I'm not sure about InContext Editing by Adobe. These are things I need to look more into. As always, any wisdom you can share would be helpful. Thanks again - Al
  8. Thanks again, Benjamin, for all your help. I'll look into these links and start learning. Al
  9. Benjamin - I tried Firefox and it worked!!! Thanks for the idea. I have another question for you, if you don't mind. The website I manage has several pages, each one dedicated to a particular grower of produce. My client would like to make each page accessible to the individual for updates they can make on their own, mainly text and image changes, without allowing them access to the entire server full of files. Also, my client would like me to design one single page, a "Fresh Board" that shows what each grower has to offer during the harvest season, and allow each grower to submit their offerings on a weekly basis. I'm concerned about allowing various individuals free access to files on the server, especially in the case of the "Fresh Board" where several growers might have access to the same file freely. In your opinion, what's the best way to handle this? Thanks again - Al
  10. Thanks Benjamin. I'll try it sometime tomorrow. Maybe after the holidays I'll hear something from my host's tech dept. Have a Happy New Year!!!
  11. Actually, I have brought this up with the host's tech dept. They are working on it, but I think the holiday has slowed them down a little. What other browser do you suggest?
  12. I've been experiencing problems with accessing my web host's cPanel. A "Windows Security" window opens asking for User ID and Password...I enter the information (which I'm sure is correct)...the security window dims for just a moment as if to allow access, then re-appears prompting once again. At times the window hides long enough for me to enter the User info. into cPanel's screen, but just as I do, up pops Windows Security once again. I try entering the User ID info. into it again, and the game continues, endlessly. I eventually have to force quit Explorer to get out of this and never can gain access to cPanel. This is a fairly recent problem, because up until a few weeks ago I could access successfully. Is there a way to disable the Windows Security function and enter my User information directly into cPanel's screen, avoiding the pesky Windows Security window? I have Norton watching over me, so I'm not too worried about disabling any Windows security functions. Can someone help me? Thanks - Al
  13. Thanks Ben for your reply. I assume, then, that once I've made my changes and send the updated files back to the server, the previous files will be replaced with the new ones. Is this correct? My concern, being new to this experience, is to avoid accidently deleting something by mistake. When I send the updated files back to the server, will I be prompted in some way to verify whether or not I want to replace the old files with the new ones?
  14. I was wondering if the files for a website remain active on the server after they are transferred to a local browser for editing? Does a copy of them still exist on the server for use when the website is accessed by someone? If not, then is the website compromised while these files are being edited?
  15. Thanks Eric, and everyone! I finally got it working. I tried to check my CSS by putting it in the head of my HTML page and it worked. Then I learned how to check for a file extension for my CSS page in "Save As" and found that by using the pull-down menu for "file name" there actually was a "txt" extension on my CSS, eventhough it didn't show up that way in the other usual places. So I deleted the extension and the link is good. I'm having great fun learning about this code writing stuff, and thanks to you all I'm moving forward...with baby steps!!! Al
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