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  1. Thanks falkencreative for your reply as well as the tip for better quality image. I hope the image gets printed as it is without any automatic cropping (as cropping of the image has happened before). Anyways, thanks!
  2. Hello, I am trying to make 8x10 image (a poster with collage pictures in it) in Photoshop, and I want to get this image printed through Wal-Mart on 8x10 paper. When viewed at 100% the image seems very large. I am not sure if this image when printed will be the exact 8x10 or if it would be larger than that. I can't figure out the right image size / pixels to set the image to get a coordinating 8x10. Here is Image size: Document size: W: 8 inches H: 10 inches Pixel dimensions: W: 1600 pixels H: 2000 pixels Resolution: 200 pixels/inch How can I make sure that I have the 8x10 image that gets printed exactly without any automatic cropping by the printing dimensions? Could anyone please help me out? Thanks!
  3. Ahhhh.... It finally works fine! Thank you so much falkencreative for your help and time. I really appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. Yes, I have my own email address in the $to field:). I receive the email when I use "/n", of course it displays all entries in one line with /n between them. When I change "/n" to "\n" I do not get any email. Don't know what's the problem. May be the code doesn't want to work today:/
  5. Hi, thanks for your help so far! The code I am using is as follows: <?php $email = $_REQUEST['email'] ; $to = "email@yahoo.com"; $subject = "Message from website"; $message = "Name: " . $_REQUEST['name'] . "\n" . "Address: " . $_REQUEST['address'] . "\n" . "Telephone: " . $_REQUEST['telephone'] . "\n" . "Message: " . $_REQUEST['message']; mail( $to, $subject, $message,"From: $email" ); header( "Location: http://www.website.com/thanks.html\" ); ?> I just need to have Name, Address, Telephone and Message displayed in new lines in the body of the email message. I don't know if there is anything else that can take care of that. I would appreciate if you could please help me in making this form/code work fine. Thanks!
  6. Thanks falkencreative! By changing "/n" to "\n" has created another problem: The email is not sent at all I don't know why because I just changed this, nothing else. I am so sorry to bother you with such little problems but being a novice in PHP I am unable to fix such problems. I'll appreciate if you could please help me resolve the issue. Thanks!
  7. Hello & Thanks to falkencreative, dms, jlhaslip for relpying to my query. I did try this code: $message = "Name: " . $_REQUEST['name'] . "/n" . "Message: " . $_REQUEST['message']; The email is sent with the info but there is one problem. Instead of another line, the message is displayed in the same line as the name is with \n. Something like this: Name: TWyPGn/nMessage: hello Would you please help me solve this problem? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I am making a contact form that takes input from the contact form and sends it to you in an email message. The HTMl is: Email: Message: The PHP of "contactform" is: <?php $email = $_REQUEST['email']; $message = $_REQUEST['message'] ; mail("email@yahoo.com", "Message from the Website", $message, "From: $email" ); header( "Location: http://www.website.com/thanks.html\" ); ?> I need to add more fields to the form such as Name, Address and Telephone but being this my first experience with PHP I am unable to do that. Upon adding additional fields the form seems to work fine as the form moves to thanks.html page but there is no email sent. Please help me add multiple fields to the form above that actually sends the data in the email. Thanks!
  9. Thanks jlhaslip & judkels for replying. Here let me say that I don't know ANYTHING about php. This the first time I am working on a "form". I have made simple html/css webistes with no php or javascript. So I don't know if I need a software or any application to run php. I am total novice in this. I was wondering if submit button php code works when the website is launched, or can one check its working in design phase. I have tried various php codes that send data to an email but nothing has worked. I thought since I haven't launched the website it might not be working properly. If anyone could please explain all the steps that I need to do for this form to work, I'll be very grateful. Please help!!!
  10. <?php //This is a very simple PHP script that outputs the name of each bit of information (that corresponds to the name attribute for that field) along with the value that was sent with it right in the browser window, and then sends it all to an email address (once you've added it to the script). if (empty($_POST)) { print " No data was submitted. ";print "
  11. Thanks virtual for the "foxycart getting started" info. It no doubt is very helpful. Thanks!
  12. Thanks Eric for the video link. It sure is very helpful. I appreciate your help so far. Thanks!
  13. Thanks Eric! I checked foxycart online. Since I am new to this, I want to have all the info before going into it. I have a few questions about foxycart: Are the foxycart people going to make the website (I want to make my own layout and design) including the shopping cart? Secondly, am I supposed to use their webhosting service or can I use any other? Thirdly, how it all works? Thanks!
  14. Thanks LSW for your detailed reply. Paypal shopping cart seems to be an easy solution to it. Do I need to buy the shopping cart software/service from paypal? I googled Zend. Am I supposed to buy the shopping cart software or download the script from the website http://www.zend.com/en/ ? I am not very clear about the whole thing. I'll appreciate if you could explain both Paypal and Zend thing in detail.
  15. Hey jlhaslip, does the link or website (http://www.gfxtrap.com/) offer any Photoshop/background tutorials? I haven't found any? Or I might have overlooked?
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