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  1. I've watched the video and pretty sure I can do that - but I am a bit lost in the technical aspects of jquery. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Sorry, I realised when I read it back it wasn't very clear. I have two images of this park. One is an aerial photo of it, and the other is a line drawn plan that identifies separate areas like the play park, the toilets etc. I'm trying to initially show the aerial picture and then when the mouse moves over the picture, the line drawn plan view fades into view over the aerial view. (I've seen this referred to as 'crossfading'). Hope this explains it better.
  3. Hi. I'm designing a website and have a image on the homepage of a overhead view of a park. I also have a plan view of the park, which is much clearer. I'd like to be able to offer the users the option to view either the overhead view, or the plan view, but I'd like to fade in so that the link between the two is obvious, either by clicking the image or button. I thought this might be a simple html code but my investigations have scared me a bit. It seems I will have to do this using either flash or jquery, which means learning something new. Does anyone know which would be most appropriate for this, and if this is the only/best way to do this? Also any REALLY basic tutorials on either would be wonderful, as I don't have the faintest idea what either are (for example are they free?)
  4. I'm using a form to populate the MySQL database. Is there a way I can put a space into those fields by default so if the person who completes the form doesn't enter any data, it will add space by automatically?
  5. Hi I have a .php page that shows a table populated by a database. In Chrome the table looks fine, but in IE (8) & Mozilla any blank cells have no borders, which makes reading the info a bit tricky. I'm sure it's something simple, but I can't find any reference to this specific problem. The page is http://www.dunwoodpark.com/groups.php, and the code I'm using is : <?php mysql_connect(localhost, "*******", "********") or die(mysql_error()); mysql_select_db("*******") or die(mysql_error()); $result = mysql_query('SELECT org, website, position, Title, firstname, Surname, date FROM Dunwood WHERE `org`!="" AND `org`!="NULL" '); echo " Organisation Website Position Title Firstname Surname Date ";while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { echo " echo " " . $row['org'] . ""; echo " " . $row['website'] . ""; echo " " . $row['position'] . ""; echo " " . $row['Title'] . ""; echo " " . $row['firstname'] . ""; echo " " . $row['Surname'] . ""; echo " " . $row['date'] . ""; echo " "; } echo " ";mysql_close(); ?>
  6. You're both right. I shut my computer down and started it up and it worked exactly as you said. Sorry about that.
  7. Also the php include did work. Good to know for my future endeavours.
  8. Hello again sir. I'm going to upload the pages and see if it still does it - been driving me bonkers all afternoon. http://www.hamberie.com/dunwoodtest/index.html. It's very rough, but the "Home" navigation above the "Back to Top" text at the bottom keeps showing brown instead of green like the rest of the buttons. Sorry that took so long to reply, the kitten thinks that when I push her away it's because she's not trying hard enough to be noticed. See if it does it for you too. Thanks again for the help yesterday. Brilliant stuff.
  9. Hello I've created a css page that provides a format for hyperlinked text in my html files. It works great for internal links but for the site navigation, the text is going straight to a:visited format. I tested it out by putting two lines next to each other and viewing it in the browser. Home Back to Top The "Back to top" text was green- color:#228b22 (my a:link colour) but the text "Home" was brown - color:#964514 (my a:visited colour) I changed the bit "index.html" to "#top" and had another look in the browser> Both showed as the link colour. Has anyone experienced this before or is there something special about site navigation that makes the text behave differently compared to the internal links? I've been trying stuff out all afternoon but don't really want to move on until I know whats happening. If you need any more info I'm happy to post whatever might be useful. Thanks in advance - also apologies if this should be in a different forum, but I am using a css.
  10. Your a genius. Brilliant - works a treat. thanks for all the perserverance, and if it is anything like as difficult typing with your kittne s it is for me, even more thanks.
  11. Ah. Sorry about that. I'll get on wih that and see how thing s pan out; Many many thanks
  12. I'll do that tomorrow. I hope it works 'cos php.includes seem like the bee's knees. I'm losing hope on my csv table. What do you advise is the best way to get data out a 70 field table out of mySQL table and onto my home comps spreadsheet? Apologies for being so defeates and slightly pathetic.
  13. I'll get in touch with the support and ask the question. Is it unusual for a provider to not allow this aspect of php - seems like one of the fundamental benefits of php to me.
  14. This is a professional web hosting - I pay a fee once a year to www.web-mania.com. I've been working through stephans tutorials because I want to use css and php includes in the future. I was under the impression that this was the way forward - not least of all because of the reasons you noted. Is there anyway I can activate this part of the php functionality? I'm happy to try anything - simplicity is the key, so whatever is easy to operate, rather than easy to create. If you could point me towards an alternative and I'll inordinately screw it up and end up back here..Once again thanks for the patience.
  15. just cos I was looking at it - under the same heading, and in fact the next line down it says.. allow_url_include Off Off Does this mean that php.includes wont work with my server? My intention is to redesign my site and use them to simplify the site, but if it's a none starter I'll not worry about it.
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