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  1. Yes, there is a method. Another Forum I attend regularly uses an IPB Board, and I am not sure if this is a feature of a typical IPB Board or a Mod, but when you post a link as a bbcode url, then the script modifies the url to direct through a script which tracks the departure. So you would need to adjust the bbcode for the Board to create a query-string that contains the external url and another script to write the departure to a Database. For a php driven site, this would also be possible to do. Simply create the script and adjust the external links to flow through that script instead of directly to the external link.
  2. jlhaslip


    Where is the CSS for the tooltip?
  3. What happens if you remove the tag and add your CSS into the head of the page between tags? Does it work properly there?
  4. Very nice... This should get a rise from the members...
  5. Fixed that link up there. Yes, by setting the Forum Categories and permissions correctly, a non-registered user could be allowed to view certain area, but a Registered and logged-in user could view even more areas. (the Kids could view the General info, the parents could view the driving stuff)
  6. Why not simply use a Forum Software? They have user/pass and registrations. Have a look at an AEF Forum. http://anelectron.com *edit* typo fixed - try again
  7. Oh!! Goodie!!! That is the only Browser that allows scrollbar colouring. Ugg!
  8. My guess is that the floated Image is covered by the navigation, but you don't post the images, so I can not tell for certain. For this issue to be diagnosed properly, could you post a link to your on-web site, please.
  9. You can have different colors on different Menus by using a class or an ID to identify the menus. .class a:link { color: white; } .class a:hover { color: red; } #id a:link { color: black; } #id a:hover { color: blue; } An ID would be 'stronger' than a class. Specificity applies more strength to the ID.
  10. Add the class to the link rukes for the second set of links. I changed the a:link color to red to show how to do it. Change the rest of the information as you need to. <br /><!--<br />.second_menu<br /> {<br /> font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;<br /> font-size: 12px;<br /> color: #333333;<br />}<br />.second_menu a:link {<br /> text-decoration: underline;<br /> color: #ff0000;<br />}<br />.second_menu a:visited {<br /> text-decoration: underline;<br /> color: #333333;<br />}<br />.second_menu a:hover {<br /> text-decoration: none;<br /> color: #000000;<br />}<br />.second_menu a:active {<br /> text-decoration: underline;<br /> color: #333333;<br />}<br />--><br />
  11. First of all, there is no need to run the html file through the php parser UNLESS there is some php in the file. Secondly, XAMPP provides a folder named htdocs which is where the file needs to be located in order to have the file parsed via php. Thirdly, you access the file from your browser using http://localhost/folder/filename.php as the URL for the file to be parsed. The file needs to be in the htdocs folder. Four: make sure the Apache Server is started.
  12. jlhaslip


    You need to adjust the max Execution time in the httpd config file.
  13. How did you install the LAMPP application? If it is an XAMPP install, simply removing the /opt/Lampp folder should delete the application, *I think*...
  14. script Code: <br />/*<![CDATA[*/<br />function clearText(field){<br /> if (field.defaultValue == field.value) field.value = '';<br /> else if (field.value == '') field.value = field.defaultValue;<br /> }<br />/*]]>*/<br /> HTML code: Your First Name: The onfocus/onblur will empty the text field on focus and replace the default value if it remains empty. Demo: http://www.jlhaslip.trap17.com/scripts/sticky_redux.php Try adding you first name and then click on the last name field, then the submit button to see how it works.
  15. The only thing your Browser understands is HTML and CSS to style the page. PHP is used at the Server to write the html for your page. Javascript is used by the Browser to do things local to the Browser. Often your page uses a combination of all three ( Html / Css / Php ) to create a dynamic web site with local enhancements by javascript. All 4 are very powerfull and they each have their advantages. i also agree that it will take longer than 2 days to learn all you need to know about html/css before tackling php.
  16. One thing that *could* be done is to have an Include file of php code to check the Refferring page to make sure that the access for the page is from your Domain. If someone tries to hotlink the page, and the referral is from another site, or direct, they are sent to your Index page. But you need to know some php to code the script.
  17. astonj, are you referring to an RSS feed ping?
  18. might want/need to look at .htaccess Mod_rewrite for those URLs. google htaccess mod_rewrite and hope that the Server you are running on will allow that feature.
  19. Well, first of all, as a Linux User, please change the Mac instructions on the software page to indicate that Linux Users need to also perform the same cntl-click that mac Users do in order to use the package. I had trouble figuring it out. secondly, try placing the Link (nice 3d image) up in the header, (maybe above the Search Box), so that the software is consistently available on each and every page. thirdly, reduce the height of the header so that the prime information is moved "above the fold" on the Index page. Gives the viewer some information really quickly and as nice as the site is, It takes too long to figure out where all the good stuff is. Example, the left hand sidebar takes too much attention away from the purpose for the site. maybe reduce its width and let the centre content stand out more or use a horizontal nav bar layout. See also the below suggestion to create more value on the first page impression. next, drop the flash down below the "blurb" or into the right sidebar. (Might want to look at using a thickbox for the video presentation.) And lastly, lose the Google ads. They are distracting from the page's purpose. Show them on subsequent pages, but not the main page. Hope that helps and good luck with the site.
  20. For Forums allowing the sup and sub bbcodes, it would look like this: 2/11 Not sure if it will work on the new Forum set-up.
  21. Place the numerator in a superscript tag and the denominator in a subscript tag 2/11
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