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  1. As I remember it, I uninstalled each package independently in Synaptic..
  2. Ah. I almost did that, and thought that I better follow Stefan Mischook's instructions instead, if at all possible.:/
  3. Monkeysaurus, Thanks for all of your help in getting LAMPP set up on my machine. As far as I can tell, and after testing a few things, everything works! BTW, there is an "htdocs" directory in LAMPP 1.7 that is the default directory for index files and such, just in case anybody ever asks you. Best regards, theAdmiral
  4. Are you saying that /var/www from the "lampp" directory is supposed to be the default working directory for Apache? Or are you saying /var/www from [bold][underline]my[/underline][/bold] "root" directory is supposed to be the default working directory for Apache? Thanks, theAdmiral
  5. How do I uninstall LAMPP on a Kubuntu Linux box? I have tried both Adept and Synaptic and the package does not turn up. I am using the keyword "LAMPP". Your help is greatly appreciated. theAdmiral
  6. I changed ownership on /var/www throughout to me. Then I saved "kill.php" to /var/www. However, when I go to I get an "It works!" message. There is an HTML file in /var/www that has this in it. Should I just delete this file? Also, when I try to go to, a dialog box comes up in my browser asking me if I want to open the file, and if so with what program, or if I want to save the file. This, too is a problem I could use some help with. Many thanks, theAdmiral
  7. I am going to have to back up. Is there any reason why the permissions on this installation are so tight? Is there any reason why I should not just chmod 777 on everything in the LAMPP install? Everything is owned by root. Is there any reason why it has to be this way? Any suggestions at this point are most welcome. BTW, the two directory paths that you referenced in the previous message are non-existent on my machine. I did a search for an "html" directory and came up with a dozen hits, most in "lib" and many extending downward. Any suggestions regarding this at this point would be most welcome. Best regards, theAdmiral
  8. Hello, Everyone. I am having difficulty configuring my installation of PHP. I have followed Stefan's instructions in the video, and I am getting a 404 error with both http://localhost/'>http://localhost/ and'> . I have also tried appending the "kill.php" file to both instances of the "Go To" command button in my browser. For example, in the address field I have tried to go to the following locations: 1. http://localhost 2. 3. http://localhost/kill.php 4. The kill.php file is in my htdocs directory where I think it should be, and where I understand from Stefan's instructions it should be. Your help in resolving this error would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, theAdmiral
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