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  1. Where am I supposed to put those lines.... in a ccs and then, in the html file put ?
  2. For some reason, when I use the relative positioning, the scroll bar appears.... that's why I want to get rid of it...
  3. Thanks for your quick answer... I am using a frame because I want to hide part of the code..... nothing important really but I am using pop up effect page and I would like to hide all the information put in those pop up pages.. that's why I am using a frame..... What do you mean by "use serve side includes instead" ?? Thank you for your help
  4. Hello In my html page, I have put the following line: It works perfectly with Firefox but does not work with Explorer. I have looked in the Internet but don't seem to find an answer to my problem. Thanks for helping me!
  5. Hi, I am using a file called index,htm that contains a frame and goes to another file called main.htm Now, I don't want the user to access the main.htm file directly but ONLY through the index.htm file How can I do that? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I am having a huge problem.... I am using relative positions to position the menu elements in my web page.... The problem is that the element positions are different whether I use FireFox or Explorer!!! What can I do!!! Look at my web page: www. ja zzcafepa ris.es [remove spaces] and see for yourself!!!! Here is my html code for one element: ?Qu? ofrecemos? Amenizaci?n para tus fiestas, reuniones sociales y de empresas, cokteles, cumpleaños, boda, bautizo, etc. donde necesite un toque de clase y distinci?n Amenización en locales. Si tiene un bar, un local, un hotel, un restaurante y busca crear un ambiente diferente. llámenos Conciertos. Si es responsable de cultura en un ayuntamiento o centro cultural, no deje pasar esta oportunidad de llevar el mundo del jazz a su comunidad. ? 2008 Café Paris Cerrar ventana Here is the css code: .pos_offers { position:relative; top:-780px; right:-680px; } .pos_offers_link { position:relative; top:-805px; right:-705px; } Please help!!! I don't know what to do!!! Thanks!
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