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  1. Or even if the number of posts was lower than 1000. Most Spammers don't hang around to reach 10 posts just to plant a Spam Siggy. I Moderate a Forum with in excess of 60,000 members and we allow signatures for all members but don't allow Spammy Sigs. No problems. The Mods simply replace them with a message that their sig has been removed. Done.
  2. you forgot the last part which is displaying as a link on the Forum. br /> and use that on all of your pages, yes. http://www.w3.org/QA/2002/04/valid-dtd-list.html Don't include the xml line from the sample page. It will cause Quirks mode in IE browsers.
  3. The W3C and its validator allows (and suggests) dropping this xml declaration because it fails in Internet Exploder.
  4. jlhaslip

    captcha in php

    try this link: trap17.com/forums/Simple-Php-Captcha-Image-Validation-t45058.html
  5. Nice work, Eric. Works fine on FF3.5.5 Ubuntu 9.10 with or without js.
  6. And Linux uses a different set as well, but many users add the Microsoft Core Fonts package, so they get some (but not all) of the MS ones. There are other Open-Source fonts which duplicate the MS Font appearance.
  7. Your use of Heading tags will be further complicated by including them inside the Table based layout. I would suggest that you find a true html/css layout for the page and the Heading structure becomes more likely to succeed in your target of improving SEO and Search results.
  8. Default fonts are Browser dependent. Size, too.
  9. If you want or need a Google Wave invite, send me a PM. The Invites for this new beta service are restricted at present, but I have a few available presently.
  10. #div_id { background-color: #dddddd; } change the div_id for the specific div's needing the color.
  11. Your css code should not be using (parentheses). Use {Braces} around the CSS rules.
  12. ff 3.5.5 is what I am running on a Ubuntu install
  13. I'll post a screenshot the next time it happens. Also, I am not the only one with this issue, I guess. ff3 on Linux. might the system specs make a difference?
  14. I'm still having this issue with having to wait 3 minutes between posts. Can someone have a look at fixing it, please. Merci. Go Habs...
  15. jlhaslip


    My guess is that you are using an Internet Explorer Browser locally? I believe that security issue goes away once the script/page is on the web.
  16. jlhaslip

    PHP pagination

    the portion of the script that you don't list above which follows the script snippet you list is what does the displaying of the images for the thumb gallery >while ( $count if ( !is_dir($file) && ($type = getPictureType($file)) != '' ) { if ( ! is_dir('thumbs') ) { mkdir('thumbs'); } if ( ! file_exists('thumbs/'.$file) ) { makeThumb( $file, $type ); } echo '</pre> <li>'; echo ''; echo '</li>';<br> $count++;<br>
  17. check here see also the tutorial on borders at that site.
  18. javascript would be the correct method to use in order to trap the error prior to form submission. And a php method at the Server on form submission would be a good idea, too. Can you create one radio button stack for In-home and another for Shop based services? Redundancy can be a virtue.
  19. <?php is the suggested method. Not all servers allow short_tags. . since it conflicts with the XML tag. Another thing, to add to what falkencreative posted above, an "included" file is always assumed to contain html and is parsed as such unless you add the php tokens. (<?php ... code here ... ?>)
  20. I have had good results using the AEF Forum package. h ttp://anelectron.com (remove space)
  21. also, allowing the cache to maintain your external css file and js files, reducing http calls to other locations.
  22. FF 3.5.5 on Linux Ubuntu 9.10 I'm not getting any font re-sizes either
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