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  1. Should I move the php into the html docs, or should I move the html to the php docs? I am just really unsure of how to meld these together. Can somebody please help???? Whenever I move things, they don't function properly and do not look right.
  2. I am unsure of how I should implement this shopping cart into my preconstructed website. How would I go about transferring this information into my html pages since there will be many catalogs of different products?
  3. In the video, he shows adding images from websites into the catalog for the shopping cart. I however have resized images to fit my needs and would like to upload them from a file on my computer. Is this smarter? Or should I just link from another website?
  4. On my webpage, I have the bullet dots showing. How do we get rid of them, or how do we relace them with something else?
  5. Another question, that product bar isn't centered in the div, what do you recommend? I have to say, you are a huge amount of help!
  6. Thank you that worked like a charm. When moving the buttons, to center on page or possibly get larger do I need to do that on css or do I fix the buttons themselves? Also, I would like a little break in between each tab button, how would I go about that?
  7. Ok I have no idea what you just said. :-| I made these buttons from scratch and like the way they look. Now all I need is for a way to make them line up next to each other. Is there a way to do that, other then rewriting that whole section and the css?
  8. I don't have a link, because it isn't on a hosting site yet. All I have are the text, html, and css pages on my computer so far. If I can give you a link, I have no idea how to do that. I did post my css and index.html text for everyone to look at.
  9. Search Card Sets Zendikar Magic 2010 Alara Reborn Conflux Shards of Alara Tenth Edition Eventide Shadowmoor Morningtide Lorwyn This is a paragraph.... Design, logo, and layout © 2009 ManaFix.com This page is not published by, endorsed by or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast,Inc. All Magic: the Gathering artwork, text, and symbols used in their products are ™ and &copy Wizards of the Coast, Inc. No items in cart.
  10. the outside of the box is say green, and in the center there is a silver circle....
  11. How would I go about making a radial cycle gradient for two colors in a div box? I went to a button maker, but it only gave me html for the end button and not the whole html for making the button. Can someone shed some light on this for me?
  12. How would I center this find products box? Search
  13. Yeah I have the border, but now the left side of the border edge butts up against a find product box and I want that moved into the center. I cannot figure out how to center the product box.
  14. Ok, Andrea yours worked. Any ideas on how to make the border wider then the box? Or should I just make the box bigger? As in width should I make the div bigger or make the border bigger?
  15. I tried that one, but the borders/outlines only go around the paragraphs and I need them to outline the div boxes themselves. Any other suggestions?
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