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  1. I am writing the code as a txt doc on notepad and "save as" to html which opens as a web page. I have never done anything like this before (obviously!!) I hope I've answered your question!
  2. Awsome I can now insert and SEE pics - thanks for your help! I seem to be having problems with the computer saving multiple copies when I press the save icon, also rather than writing over and replacing parts I want to change, it just saves another new copy with the same name. To avoid this I have to "save as" and replace the previous draft. Any ideas?
  3. I still can't seem to get the image to appear. Does it need to be a gif file or is jpeg ok? I tried to save it as a gif when it didn't show up as thats what is used on the videos, now I can see the file extensions I see it is actually still a jpeg image, it looks like this WT_logo.gif.jpg. From the code, can you see any reason I am unable to view the image on the html page? The images folder is sitting in the same folder as the html page.
  4. The code I'm talking abut is the index.txt file that I posted. I save this as an html which is the web page I view. When I save the index.txt I need to 'save as' index.html and the root.css as root.css. Yay ! I have now unclicked the "hide extensions for known file types" and I can see the css style on the html page THANK YOU
  5. So if it is working for you and not for me, could it be a problem with my computer? I have found that when I add something to the code and save it, it doesn't show up on the html page by refreshing. I have to 'save as' the code to the html page for it o show up on the page. Yes I have the css page and the html sitting in the same folder. I have even tried placing the code (index.txt) in the same folder also and I am still unable to get the results I see in http://aandbwebdesign.com/misc/wood.html. Thanks for all your help!
  6. OK done that now thanks, but no difference to color or paragraph dimensions. Somehow it seems there is no link between the css page and the code - is this possible?
  7. HomePage Image Gallery Map Prices and Bookings Woodturners Villa Luxury Accommodation New Zealand Come and enjoy this unique Ohakune property on the Mangateitei Stream with unlimited views of Mt Ruapehu. Set among mature trees on a hectare of tussock grassland divided by the mountain stream, you won?t find anything better. Woodturners Villa is a newly restored 1910 villa, renovated for your comfort. A large log fire greets you as you arrive, restored double glazed windows capture the sun, and the house is fully insulated throughout. Crafted antique furniture complements the native timber floors, ceilings and stained glass doors. To top it all off, the full length veranda overhangs the stream edge; wind down to the music of water, watch the beautiful river stones and you may even spot trout! Situated only a comfortable stroll to the town centre, Woodturners Villa is your perfect destination for exploring natural New Zealand. Tongariro National Park provides the exceptional Turoa ski field for an awesome snow holiday; mountain biking tracks, tramping and day walks extend throughout the alpine area . Rich in natural and cultural history this World Heritage Site has much to offer visitors to Aotearoa New Zealand. Whatever your adventure, come home to relax in the luxury of Woodturners Villa.
  8. Changing the spelling to color doesn't seem to make a difference. Any further ideas?
  9. I've got the pages linking thanks and now working on CSS. It doesn't seem to work as explained and demonstarted in the videos. I have written in my code the ROOT.css page is filed in the website folder as Stefan shows and I have only written the following so far. p { width: 80%; colour: blue; } Which I understand should tell the browser to apply the styles on the css page to the webpage however it is not working, any ideas?
  10. Thanks- the post seemed to finish with the words "It should be" with a horizontal scroll below it. I had the following for the doctype... Are you saying I should change that line for..... /p> On all my pages?
  11. CAn you tell me how to complete the doctype please?
  12. Oops! Sorry I posted the old one -I have now managed to get rid of the unwanted links. Thanks for the help
  13. Home Page Image Gallery Map Prices and Bookings Woodturners Villa
  14. Thanks - I've corrcted that but the "image gallery" line still behaves like a link, and i've found that the Woodturners Villa line behave like a link also - and they both link to different pages!!
  15. Home Page Image Gallery Map Prices and Bookings Woodturners Villa
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