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    Msqli Login

    I was not clear. Eventually I entered mysqli instead of mysql to all the code and it now works. Thanks for your reply and apologies for not responding sooner.
  2. grucker

    Msqli Login

    I have set up a database and a registration form that both work. The log in code I have used for years based on msql will no longer work on my local host. Please point me to a login code which logged in users to the members home page. Any ideas wil be most accepted.
  3. I found 2 working answers and this is the one I used. $name = trim(file_get_contents('../../name.php')); include ("../../../../../accounts/accounts/{$name}/PERIODIC/listofpdfs.php");
  4. I have the following code which works include ("../../../../../accounts/accounts/LINEAR LTD/FIRE EXTINGUISHERS/listofpdfs.php"); I would appreciate any advice on including the company name, e.g. LINEAR LTD from an external file named name.php
  5. I would like to translate a web page text to Bulgarian. How do I get the browser to show the Bulgarian text. I am just getting a series of question marks.
  6. Thank you, just what I wanted/
  7. I need to have a method for explaining a site uses cookies which closes when clicked. I cannot find how. Anyone know any links to information how to do this?
  8. Yes that is the way I normally do it. This time the site requires the owners to update league tables without ftp access and as I will delete obsolete images every month it will not be an overload problem. I will have a look at your link. I know it cannot be difficult. As I said I can get the garbled binary but I am lacking something in the header,(in more ways than one). Will keep looking
  9. I recently added an image as a blob into a mysql database. When I add an image it shows on the webpage required however on return it is gone and asks picture to be added. I have tried several ways to show the image but nothing works. Is this a problem normally? league_1.php
  10. I have a few forms that send to a database and then I pull the information posted to a web page. I have many forms that send an email message. How is it possible to send one form to both database and email. Regards David
  11. So anyone know where I can find out what it means?
  12. Was advised by google my site my have been compromised. a file named external.js contains the following code. function externalLinks() { if (!document.getElementsByTagName) return; var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName("a"); for (var i=0; i<anchors.length; i++) { var anchor = anchors[i]; if (anchor.getAttribute("href") && anchor.getAttribute("rel") == "external") anchor.target = "_blank"; } } window.onload = externalLinks; They say the file contains the following code which I cannot see. What does this code mean and anyone know why I cann
  13. Thanks for your interest, I added the space but it made no difference. The other feeds show correctly without the online code but not this one.
  14. I use various rss feeds on several websites. Similar code is used for all feeds in seperate functions.On one particular site all but one feed are correct the other shows title and date correctly but the description shows with yellow text. <code>function render_products_from_BATLEYRUGBYSMALL() { if ($xml = simplexml_load_file(STORE_XML_BATLEYRUGBYSMALL_FILE)) { $output = "<div>"; // sets loop to 0 $i = 0; // starts looping through products foreach ($xml->channel->item as $item) { $output .= ' <p><a href="'. $item
  15. I understand your feelings. My last few queries have resulted in answering my own poser just as you have done. Wickham is usually helpful. Mainly on html and css but also php now and again. Sorry I can't help. I would have been interested in the answer.
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