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  1. thanks that worked, what if i want to move it closer to the logo, do i add margin-left? but in the ul or li style
  2. Okay, I tried what you and Wickham said and I had adding the padding to the #navigation tag and I can't see the menu item using IE 8. What did I do wrong?
  3. Thanks, I did also see that after every title where I have strong it's missing the tag.I'm sorry, I did not mean code with IE 7, I coded it in microsoft front page and viewed my website via IE 7. I added the tag where it should, added classes so I don't have the any longer, but in IE 8, the bottom two is still not aligned with the right column. In IE 7, it looks correct. Any ideas how to correct?
  4. Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 are web browsers and you can view web pages with them, but you cannot code anything with IE. And even if you get get IE7 back, and the page looks ok for you with that browser, others could be viewing them with all kinds of different browsers and versions, and a website should look decent in ALL the current ones. When I look at your code in code view, I see Art Director Betty Yeung Web Master Tina Choy You're missing the tags after the Web Master and the Tina Choy . Thanks, I did also see that after every title where I have strong it's missing th
  5. on my website - www.ohka.org/index-new.html I installed internet explorer 8 and when I go to about ohka, our board page (about-board.html), the very bottom where it says webmaster does not line up correctly with everything else - do I need to set the margins there with another class? Also in the media page, ohka journal (media-journal.html), the titles of the articles are overlapping each other. On another pc, I have internet explorer 6 and on all the pages, except home, the text underneath the heading, left hand side does not show. How do I fix these problems? I had origi
  6. in my website - http://www.ohka.org/index-new.html I have the menu items - home, about ohka, events, media, join ohka when someone zooms to 125% or 150%, it looks funny, they are smushed together. when you depress the 'events' menu item it still wants about ohka, and now when 'media' is clicked, events i brought up and likewise with join ohka brings up media and a blank next to join ohka brings ups join ohka. how can you fix this problem?
  7. I tried putting text underneath the pictures, but it's not working. I even put in the same margins as the pictures. The text singing duo is suppose to go under the first picture to the left and taiwanese mj is suppose to go under the second picture on the right. Here is the html page - http://www.ohka.org/2008-Tennis-Night.html
  8. Does anyone know what the default font and font size is? Say like I have a paragraph specified with And I don't specified a class or a css style for it, the default font looks like times new roman, but I'm not sure and the font size because when I did specify the style as times new roman and font size 15px, it looks a little smaller than when I did not specify. The only reason I did was because in another , it had to be a different font and font size.
  9. tchoy

    stylesheet problem

    I have done this and this .homePage ...{ style here } .aboutPage ...{ style here } I have done this because of some #right-column styles that are different. I needed to do this with the h2 and h3 as well. But I noticed that I should not do .aboutPage h2 or .aboutPage h3 because the h2 and h3 in the about pages have the same style, so I added a class to it in the html and put into the base.css file. But it's not taking the style. What did I do wrong? Is it because I have a class in the body tag already?
  10. tchoy

    stylesheet problem

    I had moved all my styles in www.ohka.org/index-new.html to a stylesheet file. It was the same styles I had before. Before I start moving the rest of the files styles and linking to this stylesheet, I want to make sure it works. But if you look at index-new.html on the website, it looks different than when I had the style in my index-new.html page. Look at the other pages that I didn't link to the stylesheet yet. What did I do wrong?
  11. tchoy

    resize image

    Thanks. One more question on this - in my home page I have another h2 but for the right-column and the h2 style in another file is under div id right-column, would I put .homePage #right-column h2 { } and .aboutPage h2 { } (this one is right under div id=right-column
  12. Didn't you write the code yourself? Do yourself a favour and make just one CSS stylesheet as Andrea told you, then validate the HTML and the CSS and then you will have an easier time (and so will we) correcting whatever other issues arise. In one file I had used .cam img and floated it to the right. I had used .jpg img and it did not float to the right, so someone told me to use img.jpg. So I'm wondering why there are two different ways to do this.
  13. I'm just wondering why in one file it's .cam img and this one is img.jpg
  14. then why does this work in the file - .cam img { float: right; margin: -15px 0 0 30px; } http://www.ohka.org/2009-Album.html also my pictures on the right do not line up http://www.ohka.org/2008-Bowling-Night.html
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