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  1. SiteSmart

    Looking for Photoshop Professional

    Check out elance.com, I've used them for similar projects and the results are great. You will get a ton of bids. In fact, this is the guy that did a project for me: http://www.elance.com/experts/croatia_hrvatska_zg_zagreb/graphic_designer_illustrator/2276988
  2. SiteSmart

    Safari 4 gets 11 million downloads in a few days.

    I'm a Safari fan, it seems to have less issues than FF, although not as feature-rich.
  3. SiteSmart

    XHTML Strict vs Transitional Performance

    I agree, what about standard HTML vs XHTML?
  4. Anybody have any performance metrics on how fast XHTML Strict renders vs. XHTML Transitional?
  5. SiteSmart


    It's pretty tough to learn for a PHP app. Make sure you read plenty of documentation before starting!