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  1. I'm looking at some vector images and am wondering if there's a trick in Photoshop that would allow me to edit these files? I can open them, but there are no layers. Must I really have a program like Illustrator?
  2. Ben, I would love to see the comparison shots.
  3. Way to go, Ben! I hope you get the job!!
  4. Oh Ben, that's horrible! I would definitely say something. I mean - they even took the darn favicon!!
  5. Oh Eddie, bless you!!!! The one I was thinking of was referenced in the link you posted, but I remember having trouble implementing it because it uses mootools (or something). What you posted is even BETTER!! Yay - happy girl here! Thank you!
  6. What IS this script called?! I know I've seen it before (and have even tried to use it). I have googled until my fingers don't work but I am just not coming up with it. Here is a demo of it.
  7. I looked at it only very quickly this morning and didn't look at the code. My mistake.
  8. Hi Graeme, I only took a peek in Fx, but I know this problem well. It's happening because you have 2 floats in that large container, so the container doesn't think there's any content in there (because floated items are taken out of the flow). So, just add something like overflow:auto; or overflow:hidden to the container and it will expand around all your content.
  9. I know you're finished with this Ben, but did you see this? Add Design Quotes to your Site Just thought it was interesting.
  10. Well, I ended up wrapping everything in a large enough container and then I just floated the content area to the right. That way I didn't have to mess with editing the image at all.
  11. Wow, I was being dumb. lol Something you said made something else click in my mind. I've got it figured out now. Thanks!
  12. I'm working on a Wordpress theme (not my design) and I'm wondering how best to accommodate this header image. Would you just move the containers with CSS to make everything appear lined up (obviously my content area will need to be smaller)? Or would you slice the header image and make a new div for the part that is sticking out? Or maybe some other method?
  13. Yeah, it's a MySQL database. You are awesome! I was trying root as both the user and pass just because that's what I saw on this tutorial. Using root as the username and nothing for the password works! Thanks, Tim!!! :cool: ETA: Wow, WP 2.7 is totally different!
  14. Following the advice in this thread, I've installed WAMP on my computer. I'm doing it so I can work with Wordpress locally. I believe all is ready to go. I've created a new database, but I'm confused on how to determine the username and password for that database. I need that info for the config file for Wordpress. So, how do I figure out what they are? I created the database by clicking on the WAMP icon in my icon tray (near the clock) and choosing phpMyAdmin. I filled in my new database name and clicked Create.
  15. I already can't remember what the old one looked like! lol
  16. Oh, that's awesome! Thanks for the info, Jaysone. I haven't moved up to 2.7 yet so this is good to know for the near future.
  17. Silence. Love it. Don't get enough of it. Right now, I'm listening to Tom & Jerry (kids are watching it). But when I'm in the 'zone', I like to listen to a little bit of everything. Lately, it's been 80's hair bands.
  18. Maybe you should contact the host if you don't see an option in the control panel to set the index page. Strange!
  19. Susie

    Adult Bailout

    I should hope not!
  20. Can you post a link to the page so we can take a look? We will probably be able to tell you how to fix the errors. From what you posted, it looks like you need to move all the styles to the CSS.
  21. Oh yep, Ben is right. This makes me think of Godaddy. Is it hosted by them?
  22. To make anything be the index page, it must be named index.htm, index.html, or index.php . What is the name of the page that shows as the index now? Edit to add: Give your "enter" page the name index.html and give the page that is now currently index.html a new, different name.
  23. Thanks for the chat earlier, John. The way I'm understanding it after our chat and after reading some more on the CMS MS forums, I would need to use the Front End Users mod plus the Self Registration mod. Does that sound right? The only thing is...I found out that in order to prevent people from just registering and then accessing the content without approval of the site owner, we'll have to make it so people are put in one group of users when they register and then the owner will have to manually switch the group so they can view the content. Seems like there should be an easier way.
  24. I would just put all table styles in the CSS. Here are some good examples to view. Tables and CSS
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