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  1. For me and a friend i have been asking to check my site to see what they think so far there is only one button that makes a new window pop up. we are both using the latest IE so maybe it makes them all open new windows on other browers? And it may only be a personal site but i want it to have as few errors as i can get it.
  2. thanks for your quick reply the site is w ww. bodnem . karoo . net this is my personal page just to share pics and info with friends and alike.
  3. i put my url into a html checker and it came up with a lot of errors about 30 or so. I have no idea what these errors mean and when i try to change them IE one says ?2" height="36" vspace="0" hspace="10"> it messes up my page. Is there a program i can use to change these for me? It dont have to be free i dont mind spending a small ammount of ?? and am i better off using a different HTML editor? currently using dreamweaver Thanks in advance
  4. Hi can anyone help me with sound files on my website. I have a personal website which i am currently in the process of re-doing. I use to have a sound play when ever a person click the link (car engine noise link said click here to listen) i cannot find the site i found the information from the first time i dont want the sound to play automatically as i know this can annoy people also i dont want the box to come up saying open save or cancel this is the code from the old version of the site i just cant seem to edit it to get it to work again. Thanks in advance
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