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    Making a link for my wordpress front page?

    Thank you Susie, gonna try it out now!
  2. I'm building a wordpress theme for my website. I notice that in the dashboard's reading options, my front page displays my latests post which is exactly what i want. I want that to be my homepage. How do i offer my wordpress website users the option to go to the homepage? I'm asking this because this is the template tag that i used to list my pages: <?php wp_list_pages('title_li='); ?> Now after adding this, i notice that i have an About page. I want to create a page called Home (and make it my front page that displays my latests posts). How do i do that? I know how to create pages but how do i make that the page that opens up when people go to the url and how do i make that homepage display the latests posts? Thank you all for reading this. weboncloud