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    Desperately Need Help, Please!

    How do I go about making this form work? http://worldlinedancenewsletter.com/form_wtd-PRIV.html I tried using PHP but it didn't work so took the php down. Below is what I had for PHP: <?php $to = "stacyjgwldn@gmail.com"; $subject = "Where To Dance Form"; $message = "Instructor name: " . $_POST['name'] . "\r\n" . "Email: " . $_POST['email'] . "\r\n" . "Check one: " . $_POST['change'] . "\r\n" . "Check one: " . $_POST['addition'] . "\r\n" . "Check one: " . $_POST['delete'] . "\r\n" . "USA country: " . $_POST['country']; "State: " . $_POST['state']; "Province: " . $_POST['province'] . "\r\n" . "City: " . $_POST['city'] . "\r\n" . "UK county: " . $_POST['county']; "Town: " . $_POST['town'] . "\r\n" . "Instructor name: " . $_POST['instructor'] . "\r\n" . "Contact instructor: " . $_POST['emailinstructor'] . "\r\n" . "Instructor website: " . $_POST['instructorwebsite'] . "\r\n" . "Venue: " . $_POST['venue'] . "\r\n" . "Venue address: " . $_POST['address'] . "\r\n" . "Venue phone: " . $_POST['phone'] . "\r\n" . "Venue email: " . $_POST['email'] . "\r\n" . "Venue website: " . $_POST['website'] . "\r\n" . "Google map: " . $_POST['googlemap'] . "\r\n" . "Price: " . $_POST['price'] . "\r\n" . "Level: " . $_POST['ultrabeg'] . "\r\n" . "Level: " . $_POST['beginner'] . "\r\n" . "Level: " . $_POST['improver'] . "\r\n" . "Level: " . $_POST['int'] . "\r\n" . "Level: " . $_POST['adv'] . "\r\n" . "Level: " . $_POST['all'] . "\r\n" . "Days: " . $_POST['sunday'] . "\r\n" . "Days: " . $_POST['monday'] . "\r\n" . "Days: " . $_POST['tuesday'] . "\r\n" . "Days: " . $_POST['wednesday'] . "\r\n" . "Days: " . $_POST['thursday'] . "\r\n" . "Days: " . $_POST['friday'] . "\r\n" . "Days: " . $_POST['saturday'] . "\r\n" . "Time: " . $_POST['time'] . "\r\n" . "Info: " . $_POST['info'] . "\r\n" . "\r\n" . $from = $_POST['email']; $headers = "From: $from" . "\r\n"; mail($to,$subject,$message,$headers); ?>
  2. DancingBunnyUSA

    Centering <P>

    AND I clearly forgot my manners. Thank you so much for your quick response. I really appreciate it!
  3. DancingBunnyUSA

    Centering <P>

    sorry, I meant to say I have the instructors name as h2 not p
  4. DancingBunnyUSA

    Centering <P>

    I have a question. For some reason,several people can see that the instructors names (Jo Thompson-Szymanski, etc.) are centered except the event director. Can someone please check and see if it's centered and if not, what can I do to make it centered? I have the <p> centered in css and yet it still shows as left aligned to the event director. HELP!!!!! http://www.jgpresentsmarathon.com/instructors2014p.html
  5. DancingBunnyUSA

    Search Box On My Website?

    Thanks for letting me know
  6. DancingBunnyUSA

    Search Box On My Website?

    I want to have a "search this site" on my website. How do I create such thing?
  7. DancingBunnyUSA

    Side/content Borders

    I can't seem to remember how to fix the content side borders to fit the page in css: http://worldlinedancenewsletter.com/ Please help!! DancingBunny
  8. DancingBunnyUSA

    Where Do I Find The Ftp Info In Joomla

    Don't think the date is hard coded into the template. Guess I'll find out once I find my way around in there. I'm hoping for it to be easy but sounds like there's going to be a learning curve. Not getting paid, am just doing a favor for a friend.
  9. DancingBunnyUSA

    Where Do I Find The Ftp Info In Joomla

    Thanks so much for getting back to me. I do have the Joomla login. She just wants me to update the site. Put in the new date, update the countdown, take schedules off, put new flyers on, and change everything to 2014. Website is w ww.linedan ceshowdown.com
  10. So I have someone that wants me to update her website. I've been told that you can do updates from Joomla but I know NOTHING about Joomla. I use Dreamweaver CS6. How do I find the FTP info so I can download the website into my Dreamwever program and work from there?
  11. DancingBunnyUSA

    Is there a way to convert PHP to HTML??

    It downlaods as mht and I can't edit whatever needs to be edited. I need to change the dates and few other things as well.
  12. DancingBunnyUSA

    Is there a way to convert PHP to HTML??

    Thank you. I managed to save couple pages as html. BUT this page I can't seem to save as html: http://www.linedancersspringbreak.com/our-line-dance-instructors
  13. I have someone that wants me ot take over updating his website. Needless to say I just discovered (after downloading his site into my dreamweaver prog) that it's all PHP. I know NOTHING about php. Is there a way to convert to html? Here is the link to the site: http://www.linedancersspringbreak.com/ DancingBunny
  14. DancingBunnyUSA

    how do i get rid of friend's jowls?

    my friend wants me to get rid of her jowls. i dont even know what that is! how do i get rid of it? I have adobe photoshop cs2 by the way. Picture at link below: http://jgmarathon.com/images/Jean2009(2).JPG DancingBunnyUSA
  15. Web Host i guess called 1&1 http://order.1and1.com/xml/order/Home;jsessionid=F3CA09F377B8B8786E3A4A85904E8A1A.TC61b?ac=OM.US.US699K13935B7070a My client has change domain name and i guess host also. I have been having so much problems getting into ftp and it has been OVER 72 hrs and still having problems. I tried everything.. i have correct password etc. So my question is has anyone ever heard of this host and had problems with them??? DancingBunny