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Best Cms For Beginner Making Auction-Based Website

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Hello fellow forum members (what a line to start with, right?)


I am a complete noob to web programming (I have learned a little HTML and I partially completed a course on Dreamweaver...both quuuuuite some time ago).


I want to make an auction based website to bid out advertising space for a particular industry. I want to make a mockup of my idea to apply for a grant from the German gov't (I am an American but am a recent graduate of a uni here in Germany and I also work in Germany at the moment).


I took a look at some plugins available from Wordpress (free ones that is) but they are not quite what I am looking for (not as dynamic as I would like and they are a little too "templated")...


I was wondering if anyone had any experience with auction-style plugins/templates etc. for some of the popular CMS programs. Or better yet advice on what CMS would be more preferable to use to make something like that! Again, I am not a programmer and obviously functionality will be limited (although I am not opposed to putting something together with fuller functionality in my free time as it is too cold in Germany to have much fun outside) ;) Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!!!



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I will also recommend you to go with Wordpress platform. As you are new bee so it will be easy to go for it.



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