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  1. I don't have deep information about Wordpress means I am using this CMS since 2016 but not able to customized it. That's why I said that I don't have deep information. I normally use plugins to add or remove the functionality as i don't konw its customization. It much better if you have a plan to use custom CMS than i will never prefer to use open source CMS and than customized it. It more preferable for me that you should to use custom CMS leadconcept(.)com/custom-content-management-system.html instead of open source if you want to required different functionality. Anyways, everyone has its o
  2. I also recommend you Wordpress content management system as it much easy as compared to others. Simple you have to installed it on your domain. Install a beautiful auction theme which can by found by using wordpress theme directory, or if you want to buy a paid one for professional look than themeforest can be used. Make necessary setting of theme than install top rated and wordpress version compatible plugin to avoid any kind of conflict. So auction website is ready. If you don't able to make these small changes you can take help from designers redleos(.)com/responsive-website-design-developm
  3. Creating a responsive web design is not difficult if you know what you are doing. It requires some good skill and knowledge in web design and development. It is always better to get some professional help when you undertake such task. There was a time when i was new in this field and i have asked may time for help from a website revglue for CMS website re design revglue(.)com/bespoke is where you can check it. A responsive design is a web development technique to make website design such that it will work same on desktop, mobile or tablet. It is a skill in web development that will help you de
  4. Hi all, I am Carly from Manchester UK. I had a bachelor degree in science and studied web design. I love my work, cats and happy meals. hope i will learn from you all and share my experiences too.
  5. Hi Stefan, where can i find this course for Ruby on rails?
  6. I am glad they are simplifying Ribbon and the new fast search looks good too.
  7. Thanks for the info, my wifi was getting slower because i was using old security protocols. But now it is working much better.
  8. I all, i am Carly from Manchester UK. I am a web designer and developer and looking forward to be an active member on this forum.
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