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  1. Hi guys! I bought the wordpress video tutorial bundle here at killersites.com! So far so good! Great explanation and great tutorial! But my problem is that i have come to a point were i have to implement my static HTML and CSS navigation into wordpress! And i dont know what to do or were to go from here! My static HTML and CSS looks like this : www.neliuz.com So far i have done this: Created the custom navigation inside the wordpress back-end as tutorial describes! I have made a function inside the function.php file. That looks like this: if (function_exist
  2. @CLU Thanks man , will try! Did you have to edit anything else besides what you just wright? neliuz
  3. @CLU Did you get this plugin to work on your CMS ? The config.php file is located inside plugins of jbimages? neliuz
  4. Hi Ben Thanks for the fast reply! Appreciate it Ehhmm... I tried the free version of justboil.me but the explanation... i dont understand a crap of how to implement it in tinyMCE. There are som links to some code , but it does not tell you where to paste it or if i have to make a new .php file and paste it there! It gotta be something i am missing. Or maby i am stupid! hehe.... 3. Activate jbimages plugin and add jbimages button in TinyMCE. Don’t forget to set theme:advanced and realtive_urls:false. I am able to locate the folder themes/advanced but cant find the realtive
  5. Hey guys I am following Bens video tutorial on building CMS! Everything works just fine! btw awesome tutorial! easy to follow to! The thing is.. i am working on a site for a customer! The point with this site is that the customer should be able to update his site with images and text himself! And for that i have tiny_mce installed! (as in the video tutorial ). But how do i upload images into tiny_mce? Is there a way to upload images right from a desktop on the computer? Thanks !
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