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  1. cygnet

    Css Vs. Css3

    The biggest difference between CSS2 and CSS3 is that CSS3 has been split up into different sections, called modules. Each of these modules is making it's way through the W3C in various stages of the recommendation process. CSS2 was submitted as a single document with all the Cascading Style Sheets information within it. Because each of the modules is being worked on individually, we have a much wider range of browser support for CSS3 modules.
  2. It's quite challenging and of-course it's developer job to do it not designers. Video is quite well explained.
  3. It's a good idea to build a website for friend. I will recommend to go with professional web developer rather to opt for free option. It will be less time consuming and also efficient from business point of view.
  4. cygnet

    Html To Psd

    Have you tried out. Does it works for you?
  5. PHP is open source platform for developing website. [Deleted for being spamish]
  6. It's possible but you will not get much function to enhance it.
  7. I will also recommend you to go with Wordpress platform. As you are new bee so it will be easy to go for it.
  8. Inline CSS: Inline styles are the least flexible type of style to implement. For example: <p style="color: red"> Paragraph text goes in here </p> Internal CSS: With internal stylesheets, a web page's styles are all specified at the top of the page code, within the <head> tag for the page. For Example: <head> <style type="text/css"> h1 {color: blue; font-weight: bold} p {color: gray} </style> </head>
  9. When we zoom page the height and width of entire page is zoomed. It looks ugly but I don't think that coding will make any difference.
  10. Joomla and Magento are best for E-commerce Solution.
  11. It's not effecting search Engine Results.
  12. Great! Will try it out and see does it really works or not!
  13. cygnet

    Html To Psd

    I don't think this will work.
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