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  1. Hi again! I just wanted to tell you that i managed to build my website with imcreator. i listened to my friend advice, and the building was actually a pretty enjoyable experience. the design was very easy and fun thanks to a simple drag&drop system, the basic templates look great and the support team answered my questions very quickly. if you want, you can easily build a website in no time. thanks again guys!
  2. thanks for the help guys! Eddie, i looked into squarespace and it seems nice. this is the kind of thing i'm looking for. but i want to explore a few more to find the best website for me. a friend recommended me about imcreator, do you guys know this website builder?
  3. hey, i'm interested of building a website for a friend of mine but i'm a real beginner. i don't have any knowledge but i heard there are many free website builders with a lot of options to design. so maybe you guys can help me with that and suggest me a few free builders i can try?
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