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  1. Hi! I got a question, i am a beginner and i just completed the webdesign 1 tutorial i got (very good) so i am trying to expand my knowledgements I was reading a book and i wanted to know what does it mean: <form> First name: <input type="text" name="firstname"><br> Last name: <input type="text" name="lastname"> </form> i understand: by typing First name (at the beginning of the line) that's what it is gonna be displayed on the website. the type="text" means what the user is gonna enter is text. but...what name="firstname" means??? I mean if it is already set up at the beginning of the line, what is the ROLE of this name="firstname" does it have a reason? or i simply have to learn it by memory that i have to put name="firstname" when i am trying to stablish a First Name info field? The same question with this too....what is the role of name="pwd" ? <form> Password: <input type="password" name="pwd"> </form> Please i would like somebody explain it to me, to get it clear. Thanks Maria Latham
  2. agathalatham

    Css Vs. Css3

    Hi ! i wanted to know what is the difference between CSS and CSS3? for somebody like me who just finished the webdesign 1 course from you guys, what would be convenient to start learning ??. Besides watching this helpful videotutorials on the web, i wanted to ask...is the Missing Manual a good book you would recommend to me to get? Thanks, Maria Latham
  3. Andrea, thank you so so much for your patience and for really helping me! everything worked just perfect! As it was not detailed on the video, i was struggling just guessing . I have no knowledgements on webdesign at all, so that's why made me being confused on this issue. I am learning really good now!! thank you Andrea! and thanks killersites.com! Maria Latham
  4. I know what you mean but on the video stephan creates another folder inside csstutorial called tablesTutorials and then he drag the "tables_tutorial" file inside this new folder. That's why. Even being that situation, my codes are wrong?. Thanks. Maria.
  5. Yeah, they are all created on my desktop and created the folders as indicated on the video. I will send you the 4 notepads files I did following up the videos tutorial. index.html productList.html css.html tables_tutorial.html Something curious: when he tries to prove the links working , it works ok on mines too, but i was trying by my own to link being in "products" page and then jump to "tables tutorial" (which does not work and he does not try on the video). To sum up all the links work perfect but to jump TO "TABLES TUTORIAL PAGE" example: If i am at the "products" page and want to click in "tables tutorial" link it wont work. If i open manually the file "tables tutorial page" you know (click on the cssTutorial<tableTutorial folders) and then want to jump "TO THE REST OF THE PAGES" then it works perfect. Are they not supposed to be working that way yet? or what am i doing wrong?. Please need help. Thanks Maria
  6. Hi! I really enjoy the course but there is a little problem i am struggling with: the video 11 and 12 where i have to make the links link each other correctly I have a problem to link Products, CSS and Tables (all the linking with the home page and vicebersa works perfect) but then the other links some of then work and when i want to go back they wont work. It does not say in the video but, would i need to modify the index.html file might as well? If i need to post my notepad file i would love to do it so it can help you guys help me. It is important to me to have everything ok so it encourages me to go ahead and buy more courses from you in my way to learn webdesign. Thank you. Maria Latham
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