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  1. martinsmith

    Why do we need the width tag in CSS code?

    The Width Property sets the width of an element..so that the width of element does not include padding, borders/margins..etc
  2. martinsmith

    What's the latest and greatest in free HTML Editors?

    Notepad++ and Sublime text editors are the free html editors..
  3. martinsmith

    photoshop versus gimp

    Photoshop is the best software for designing good images...
  4. Use this syntax to check how many pages of your website are indexed. site:website URL
  5. martinsmith

    Photoshop Video Tutorials

    Its good to know about this..thanks for sharing the post..
  6. martinsmith

    Email Marketing Vs. Social Media

    I Suggest that social media is the best platform to increase traffic and audiences to your business...when coming to emil marketing it is cheap and we will not get more leads from this..
  7. martinsmith

    The Most Wanted Design Tutorials in Photohop

    Thanks for sharing the post..useful information..
  8. I suggest that WordPress is the best CMS for making auction based website..
  9. martinsmith

    What Is Guest Blogging?

    Guest blogging is a method and it is used by the owner of the blogs to increase traffic to their websites
  10. martinsmith

    Quotes, when and how to use them

    Useful article..thanks for sharing the post...
  11. martinsmith

    Procurement Web app

    PHP is the best programming language to develop web apps..
  12. martinsmith

    Photoshop Design

    1. Create the photoshop that you want to edit 2. Drag and drop the image in to photoshop window..