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  1. DangerousDave

    Can put up a site but know no SEO

    Thanks for your replies. But when you have a customer who says ok build this 10 page site and "I want it to rank well in Google", how should you deal with that. Sure I can build the site add meta tags along with the correct semantic markup, make use of embedded span tags within headlines, alt tags for images / media, maybe even recommend some social media accounts or an XML sitemap. Avoid key stuffing or poor quality / paid for backlinks but there's got to more to ranking well in Google than that. @Stef Just checked out the link to. your web dev course, does the CSS portion utilise SCSS and or mixins? Couldn't see either in the table of contents?
  2. My greatest barrier to seeking to get some freelance gigs has got to be I know no SEO. Can anyone recommend some resources. You look at amazon books to find and buy a lot of self published nonsense.
  3. DangerousDave

    How can I effectively learn web technologies ?

    Nothing to stop you creating a similar design. You might know that the data is from a datasource I doubt you can be 100% sure it's mysql. You could download and JS to try and learn from it but you will not be able to download the PHP. My suggestion would be check out the site with developer tools, then pick a section say the header and try to recreate it. Hope that helps
  4. DangerousDave

    Java OOP Basics Tutorial

    It would be great if you did a compare and contrast with Laravel as I think it's based on Spring. And projects like Lombok have removed a lot of the verbosity from service and repository POJO's.
  5. Why not go with springboot lombok & springSQL or hibernate if you know it
  6. Uk based, tired of the day job driving an 18 wheeler, I've been seeking to improve my dev skills for quite some time. Hoping to get into freelance or maybe a clean finger nail job. Whilst I find Stef's youtube videos highly entertaining - I've not followed any of the advice therein. Whatever the opposite of learning on a need to nerd basis is that's me. Course after course rabbit hole after rabbit hole if there's an obscure tech stack to learn I'm on it. I love thyme leaf. Recently picked up the freelancer course going to try to follow some of the advice therein. Anyway great to see I'll have a lot of freelance competitors when I finally get going but hopefully I'll find some collaborators too.