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  1. Hi there, I am somewhat of a beginner. I have built a site for my business. I require people to register with me before I can work with them. I am using wufoo forms Wix platform (sort of regretting Wix...) What I would like to do is: Have a registration page with my terms and conditions which they have to tick a box and then sign with embedded docusign (or similar), which then generates a signed pdf (with there name and date autofilled from forms) which exports automatically to my DB (or email when I am starting up!!) I have started using Zapier for integration needs and I THOUGHT I could do this somehow with a combination of webmerge, zapier, wufoo and docusign....but I cant mange it. Basically I want a page to popup with my T&C.s Tick box. Sign. Export. Done.... Sounds simple. Cant figure it out. Can anyone help (apart from "ditch wix!") Best Matt
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