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  1. Thanks for taking the time to go through everything and reply, it's appreciated. Also notifications are such a nice easy start to a Monday 🙂
  2. It's still not resolved but I've left it alone in the short time, better to concentrate on the smoother learning experience that does come with windows and get to grips with why I'm here to begin with.
  3. Too true Stef, and thanks for the reassurance. Before I started I was prepared to struggle but it doesn't help it hurt less when you're stuck thinking you've tried every permutation several times over and it starts to get dark and claustrophobic. I wouldn't have had the free time for this opportunity to try get through the course in such a short time without the covid-lockdown-furlough situation but that's still been the hardest stressor to cope with. I've taken a week off a couple of times since I began in April but I'm still here, having a stubborn streak sometimes is a virtue. I knew when I began exploring coding in Jan/Feb with a view to escaping Mordor that at the age of 57 it was going to be bloody hard at times. Now I'm halfway into "PHP and MySQL" and then it's "Form Validation with PHP and Javascript" and It's done, in the formal learning sense for this course. The project half of things I'm looking forward too but I know it'll have it's own challenges and frustrations. The basic crux of what you say about studying little and often is all too true.
  4. Managed to get server set up so issue resolved now.
  5. If you're using Linux you'll find out pretty fast that MAMP isn't an option. If you try to install the alternative, Ampps ( https://ampps.com/downloads ) and it doesn't work, as it didn't for me this week, try the page linked here. If you're a complete newb like me when you began here this page is excellent for it's clarity and succinctness, just take your time. https://io.bikegremlin.com/12127/lamp-stack-mint/ If you have a struggle with the path/link to localhost/php see the comments.
  6. All sorted, too tired staring at it for too long.
  7. Jim706

    Hey all, I'm back

    Nobody drops the killer man... https://youtu.be/aktBeNMcuXU
  8. Hi just wanting to make sure things are as they should be here and that there's no source files to download for the Javascript course? If there are I'm not seeing them. But I'll crack on in the meantime Thanks. Their back.
  9. I've seen quite a few of Stef's Youtube videos and from what I can tell, they buy coffee.
  10. This was a useful video I found a few weeks ago and I got a lot from it: 17 Sublime Text Shortcuts and Tips The text version he mentions is here: http://GitHub repository: https://github.com/michaelcheng429/17-sublime-text-tip PS: Let's call it 18 tips: 18] Removing a plugin from Sublime text 3: This afternoon I had to do just that and was almost demented until I found the answer below. It's mind-boggling how many people can't answer a simple question like "how can I remove a package from Sublime Text" without getting into a slavering fluster and unleashing lectures they've been waiting years to use. Excited puppies and trouser legs don't get a look in. Oh sorry, here's the answer: Go to package control by pressing Ctrl + Shift + p (or use the preferences tab on Sublime text-this shortcut doesn't work for me, that might be a Linux thing): type "remove package" then type the package/plugin name and enter to uninstall it.
  11. Thanks Stef I know what you mean. The piece of paper or maybe dedicated notebook is essential there's so many, and that appeals to my inner Luddite. But the notebook I've got with all the crossing out and scribbling feels more like clutter which I've too much of. I'm going to take the plunge. Having done some reading around it doesn't seem like there's a great deal between them. They all serve the same basic function and differ only in the trimmings. I'm going to try Lastpass because of the family option. I've a feeling this free trial might be too seductive in the convenience that's offered but I'll report back at the end of it.
  12. In the video Stef talks about disabling CSS in Chrome to see the impact it has on a website. However this is an older version of Chrome and I couldn't find a tool to do this in the current version (maybe that's my inexperience). I did find the extension "disable-HTML" in the Chrome web store by Daniel Lucks (link below). It's actually an elegantly simple control panel for this extension with straight forward "on/off" buttons for not just CSS but also JavaScript, images, cookies and pop-ups-note pop-ups are defaulted to off when you install it. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/disable-html/lfhjgihpknekohffabeddfkmoiklonhm
  13. This was about opening frog images in HTML Ch5, but turned out there was a file I had missed and not opened yet-trying get an old brain to move too fast. I'm likely to be posting quite lot on here how can I delete forum posts I've made if I can find a solution before anyone's replied?
  14. Hi Stef I had the same problem as Rich here and went through Ch4 three times. The third time I checked the code in Chrome and it had the ../ there so I tried Rich's solution to close the tab and drag it back into Sublime, still no joy. Eventually what worked was a specific "Save as.." to the friends file in the sub-pages folder. One small issue though, the friends file duplicates back into ../ though it's definitely in sub-pages. Have deleted it several times and still it reappears, is this a problem waiting to happen? The sub-pages version after the Save as.. seems to now be more up to date than the ../ version. I'm starting to think coding is what a few centuries ago used to be called witchcraft. Do we get a pointy hat at the end of this? Edit: Finally the fog has cleared. If there's ever a profanity Olympics I'm in fine shape for it after this past week. To finish I just want to say that as painful as I've found Chapter 4, well the paths side of it that is, that I knew all along it would be worth the pain for the feeling on the other side of it, which it is, and it's why I kept with it.
  15. Are there any that stand out as better than others? What are the features to look for or to prioritise?
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