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  1. Chrome will no longer resize to below 500px wide, which is fairly useless for Web developers? I know we can use the developer tools and resize, the only way I have found to do it is to use the "Toggle device toolbar" and then resize the responsive window, but in the lesson Chapter 9 lesson 3 (CSS Foundations) for example the media query style does not work with this method so the nav does not clear both and display full width.
  2. I am now in chapter 4 Lesson three of the CSS foundations course. It keeps referring to the external css sheet in all the lessons and I understand how this works but I have chosen not to use the downloaded files because I prefer to hand code it all myself to aid with memory. So all of my CSS is currently in the style tag on the page which is fine although my navigation is still at the bottom. Is there a lesson ahead that actually puts the code into the external stylesheet? If so I will wait until then, I don't recall Stefan actually referring to it.
  3. In Chapter 3 Google fonts part 3, Stefan adds the Google link in the head of the page and links to an external stylesheet where the font is specified. My question is, in real world websites, do you need to add the link to every page, or can it just be loaded once in the external stylesheet for example?
  4. Thank you, that is very easy to use, but you should try those suggested by Stephen they are very useful. By doing this I also learned how to pin an extension to the toolbar, so that's a big help.
  5. Thank you so much, Web Developer looks great, not tried Pendule yet
  6. In the first video on CSS, Stefan disables all styles in CSS. Which browser is this and can it be done in chrome? I cannot see anyway without editing the code.
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