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  1. I have two or three question which I believe the answers will be found in the which one should I use type. The first is a website that uses two different languages (Brazilian Portuguese and American English). The customers for each language will be particular to that geographic region. Subdomain or sub-folder? The second question is this is a multi-vendor site with cosmetic products, and I'm using Dokan. No problem so far. But hang on. The problem being solved is Beauty Salon's closed due to Covid-19. These shops sell cosmetic products and services (nails, massage, hair styling, etc...). So on the one hand you have cosmetic products and the other hand you have services bookings.Dokan does both, but I don't know if it can handle the two in one main domain. Subdomain or sub-folder? Let's take this one step further. Some shops want to do in-home service, say an in-home aroma therapy. Now we're talking about plugins that seem to be more suited to home delivery, like coming to your home to fix a plumbing problem. Subdomain or sub-folder? Thanks in advance...Scott
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