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  1. The Most Wanted Design Tutorials in Photohop

    Amazing tutorials, thanks for sharing.
  2. Keyboard Shortcut Keys Often Used?

    Try to use all short cuts available... like P, I alt+ ctrl + z
  3. Next Version Of Photoshop?

    I think you should follow adobe news room.
  4. New Member

    Welcome all to Killer sites.
  5. Opinions To Dreamweaver

    If you are newbie you should use Notepad++. You can learn Dreamweaver after it.
  6. How Say That Html5 Is The Best For Seo

    searchengineland[dot]com/seo-best-practices-for-html5-truths-half-truths-outright-lies-99406 Here you can find all information about HTML5, whether it is SEO friendly or not and also about the new tags introduced in it.
  7. Here are some articles about mobile website design and development. You should better study them. http://www.sitepoint.com/10-tips-designing-mobile-friendly-website/ http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/tips-for-designing-a-successful-mobile-web-site.html http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/9-tips-for-optimizing-your-website-for-mobile-users/ and here is youtube video... you can also search for more videos.
  8. How To Start Professional Web Design Work

    I thinking working with clients is faraway thing, first you should know how to create a professional website, because you need an impressive portfolio to impress your client. activeworker you can take dummy projects from the Internet and practice on them and get the guidance of your any web designer friend physically or online.
  9. How To Add Facebook Like Button

    O sorry I have already visited that link, but I didn't see the checkbox ( Show friend's faces) at that time. And I am actually asking for this.
  10. Information Website

    You should use free platforms like WordPress and Joomla. They are best for newbies.
  11. What Is Cloud?

    Here is details of cloud widget... http://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-tag-cloud-widget/
  12. How To Add Facebook Like Button

    Please can anybody tell me, how to add a Facebook like a button in a website. Like in many other websites which show messages that, for example: 120 people like it on Facebook (also shows pics of the people which liked the page) with another message "Like us of Facebook".
  13. Search Engine Optimization

    Here you will find all information about Hummingbird... searchengineland[dot]com/google-hummingbird-172816 For more news in SEO keep following searchengineland and moz.com.
  14. What Is Parallax Web Design?

    Thanks kralcx for your kind reply...