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  1. A website is the best marketing tool that should be used to generate more business and increase brand loyalty.You should be confident that you can trust the best Web Design Company in producing the best results for your project and that they are able to show you a return on your investment. If you are running a business that wants to search for the best Web Design Company, these tips will help you get started. Look at the Web Design Company's previous work Check How do they price their services Check What are company's core services Take into consideration the maintenance aspect Check whether Is web hosting included or not Check What is the customer support plan Check How do they staff individual projects
  2. Hello All, What is the best way to improve trafic for the website in Internet Marketing, Please share your ideas..
  3. In SEO point of view,If domain name having with Keyword,it might help to improve the keyword position on Search engine results.
  4. Every beginners of web design field should keep the recent updates of new Designing tools and their short cut keys in website design and make a great ideas to build a unique style the website.That is the good responsibility for being expert in design field.
  5. I also recommend you to choose Wordpress platform for your auction based website.
  6. Its good first if you start from HTMl and CSS based.And do start for those who is going to start a small business,for them you do website.
  7. Hi Friends, Can any one suggest the best PSD to HTML conversion software?
  8. Wordpress is easily customizable and has so many interactive features and SEO-friendly features built in.As a web designer,wordpress helps you to increase your credibility.
  9. Hello,surely you will enjoy staying here in killersites.
  10. May be the reason is the local path is taken instead of images.so,you have to change image URL as per your live URL. For example,http://localhost/projects/file1.jpg is taken instead of [link removed]http://kille rsites.com/example.jpg
  11. To develop a DRUPAL website,you need to have knowledge in PHP.SO,better if you first start learning PHP,and then start creating your DRUPAL site.
  12. paypal is suitable payment method to accept payments from your clients,and yes, you can do with the knowledge what you have.
  13. Generaly name attribute specifies the name of an <input> element.and type attribute specifies the type of <input> element to display.Name attribute is used to retrieve the value of the control by the server side script that processes the form.
  14. To get HTML5 in your IE7 browser,you can use http://html5boilerplate.com/ together with http://code.google.com/p/html5shiv/ and you're good to go. For some other cool features,like video in old IE, you need to use workarounds like Flash for video and Javascript libs for canvas.
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